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The Ly-dells were a trio from West Philadelphia consisted of (left to right) Gary "Skin" Young (Lead,Falsetto,Baritone,Bass),Chuck "Casino" Hatfield(1st & 2ndTenor) and Paul "Two Ply" O'Lone(Baritone,Bass).

On most of their recordings they overdubbed to capture a full group sound,on others they used a fourth and sometimes fifth member. Bobby Oslar,Jackie Buttler,Billy Shield,Frank Mallet and Rich Wetzel were among them.

They recorded under the group names of...

As The Ly-Dells.

-Wizard Of Love/Let This Night Last.Masters Records-1961.
-Genie Of The Lamp/Teenage Tears.Master Records-1961.
-Karen/Doing The Wiggle Wobble.Roulette Records-1962.
-Book Of Songs/Hear That Train.Roulette Records-1963.
-Three Little Monkeys/Playing Hide And Seek.Southern Sound Records-1964.
-Sherry/Little Lover.King Tut Records-1978.
-Get Off Your High Horse/oh What a Beutiful Thing.Wonder World-1989.

THE LYDELLS On  Pam,Parkway and Lost Nite Records were a different group from Jersey.

As The Len-Dells.

-(Don't Be A)Litterbug/Mary Ann.Peach Records-1964.

Others Ly-Dells recordings are...

Freddy Cannon(Background by Ly-Dells).
-Broadway/What's Gonna...Swan Records-1962.

Wee Willie Weaver(Background by Ly-Dells).
-You're Gonna Be So Glad/Automatic Reaction.Tandy Records-1963.

The Four Cats.
This group is composed by two Ly-Dells members and two Bosstones members Of_Mope-itty Mope. fame.

-Stormy weather/Working At The factory.Atlantic Records-1964.

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ACE said...

I listened to "Karen" by the Lydells, thinking it would be the one I had been looking for since 1961 -- but it's not.
Back in May 1961 (when I was living in the Bronx) I remember hearing a mixed (guy(s?), gals) group singing "Karen Be Mine":
Male vocalist sang: "Please Please Please say you're in love with me,
__ ____ __ ____ ___ in misery,
Woah-oh, Woah-oh, Karen be Mine"
(female vocalists then sing twice, in the background: "Karen! Karen!" while the lead male sings twice "Woah-oh-oh-oh!!"
So... WHO are these artists??? What is the name of this song