Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Rare Doo-Wop Picture...THE VISIONS

I know the name of this group THE VISIONS.Does anyone know who’s in the group? What area of the city they’re from? Did they ever record? What did they sound like?.

According to the Emails I receive with information about this group they recorded in 1960 for Elgin Records...

-Teenager's Life/Little Moon.

The Group came from Brooklyn 86th St. was managed by Jim Gribble and consisted of Vinny Margiarto,Tuddy Tudairo,Andy Amplo,Ronnie Garona,Pete Coniglia and Mickey Muglia.


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Unknown said...

Do you have a YouTube channel of the same name? If so, you have the incorrect picture of the Visions "For down in my heart". I know Andrew Amplo, and he would appreciate it if you would change it. Thank you