Saturday, January 23, 2010


Rock & Roll band from Bayonne,NJ. formed in 1956 by lead singer Robert Moore,John Moore,Teddy Moore,Ken Fakler and Billy Lubek.

They are present in the doo wop guides with their Savoy's recordings...
-Mad at Love/Mister Juke Box.1958
-I Love You,This I Know/Don't You Know.1958.

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This is the original,or first group with the Temptations name in the Rock & Roll/doowop era.

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Najman said...

This is a great group! Thanks for posting a picture. I nver knew what they looked like. They also had a release on Parkway in '59 called "Birds'n'Bees" which is a phenominal record! It's sort of Buddy Holly-esque. I have the original 45 in mint condition but it is now available on the Cameo Parkway Boxset. Your site is terrrific! Keep up the great work!