Saturday, May 15, 2010


Dick Caruso is present in all the doo-wop guides with their 1960 MGM release_If I/De De Dum.

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Unknown said...

Dick Caruso went to Ted Mack Camp in Great Barrington, Mass., in the summer of 1957 or '58 - I attended, too. His "breakthrough" came when Ted spotted him at the camp and put him on the Amateur Hour (for the "kids," it was as big or bigger in its time as American Idol is today).

By the way, several Box links I tried (including this one) are not working as of November 12, 2014. But I'm grateful to have your information and YouTube links - thank you!

rockinluke said...

did he have hits on the Billboard charts?

Unknown said...

To my knowledge he did not, but at least eight 45s showed that he certainly tried to! Discography here: Hope this helps at least a little bit.