Wednesday, June 26, 2013


THE DUPRIES (Test & Thunderbird Records).

The Dupries were formed by sisters Annie,Joanie and Carol Duprey with their own band: Dick Schulz(Bass Guitar and Lead Vocal),Dave Pilz(Drums) and Dave Parpovich(Lead Guitar).

Their name were taken from an altered spelling of three sisters surname. in 1965 singing in many shows in the Wisconsin area and local Dj and producer Dick Hoff aka Dick Hiliday co-wrote the song_Baby Doll. for the group.

They recorded this in May, 1965 in the St. Paul, Minesota label Test Records and were re-released the next month in the Buffalo,NY label, Thunderbird Records with the B Side_Kissy Face.


The next year the girls recorded on the Test label as CANDY & THE CORALS the sides_I Should Have Loved You More/I Know.

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