Tuesday, February 19, 2019

THE INVICTAS with Ruth Ann...MAVIS records.

Instrumental band founded in 1962 in the Grand Rapids, Michigan área by Denny Cusan (Bass guitar), Pat Cooper (Keyboards), Doug Inman (Drums) and Craig King (Guitar). in 1963 picked up a vocalist, Ruth Ann Labinskas (Scott) and became "Ruth Ann and the Invictas", then "The Invictas with Ruth Ann", finally ending up as "Ruth Ann and the Footsteps".

More information at; http://www.westmichmusichystericalsociety.com/ruth-ann-and-the-footsteps/

Present in The Complete Book of Doo Wop with...

- I Met Him At The Dance / Oh Mama. Mavis Records-1963  but listed in this book only as The Invictas.

But they don't have a doo wop sound.


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