Wednesday, June 2, 2010

THE FIVE CHORDS_I Need Your Loving

This band from Indianapolis is present in all the Doo Wop guides with their Cuca and Soma recordings.

-Red Wine/I Dream Of Jeanie.Cuca Records-1960
-I Need Your Loving/Badelia Brown.Soma Records-1961.

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The Band consisted of Rod Derks,Harry Kellett,Jack Lewis,Arley Price and Jerry Woodward.


Unknown said...

Arley Price is my Dad. He still plays music as does a couple of the other men on this record. They cut many and traveled to the Far East with the U.S.O. They can also be found (their reunion recording with those still living) on the website for the Wabash Valley Music Association, Hall of Fame, of which they are members.

Andi said...

Harry Kellet goes to our church. He often shares his beautiful vocals with us as well as singing and keyboard playing to bless residents at Lake Taylor Rehab Hospital. We are honored to call them friends. The amount of scored music they wrote and received nearly no compensation for by today's standards made big by major music artists is amazing.