Saturday, November 1, 2008

THE DELLTONES-An Australian Vocal Group

The original Delltones were four members Brian Perkins, Noel Widerberg, Ian 'Peewee' Wilson and Warren Lucas of the Bronte Surf Club on Sydney who found they had more than being typical bronzed Aussie surfers in common. In January 1959 they combined their singing talents as The Delltones - "of tones" ( "dell" meaning 'of' in Spanish). They landed their first professional engagement by bailing up the owner of a Kings Cross nightclub in the streets, and singing for him in order to land an audition. Their arrival on the scene was just what the doctor ordered as far as King Cross regular, entrepreneur Lee Gordon was concerned.

Gordon was able to use the Delltones as backing vocalists for his legendary Big Shows. In return for singing behind Gordon's international and local stars, The Delltones were also given their own feature spot. They were also naturals for regular performances on both 'Bandstand' and 'Six O'Clock Rock'. It was the perfect platform for a successful recording career. Between September '59 and late '60 The Delltones released a succession of singles ranging from their first single, a version of the Crows' doo-wop hit 'Gee' to their version of.....
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