Monday, January 26, 2009


In 1954 eight members of diverse high school chorus in the Queens area stay together and harmonize Rock & Roll songs these fellas were Mario"Skippy"Scarpa,Artie Ripp,Stu Silverman,Joe Tedesco,Jimmy Merchant(later of the Teenagers) and three members of The Dubs.they disbanded soon but Artie decided to form a new vocal group with some others of his local neighborhood friends they signed in 1957 with ABC Records as back up group for ABC solo artists they backed to Paul Anka on their ABC hit_Diana. and broke up.

After their first group broke up Artie contacted again with their chorus friends Mario,Stu and Joe and The Four Temptations were born,they write their own songs and auditioned for ABC the label liked the group and signed a contract.

Their first release_Cathy(written by Mario & Artie)/Rock & Roll Baby(Mario,Artie,Stu). was released in 1958. The A side was a tune named after Mario's niece who was just born.


B Side...

The recording have a big acceptacion and the record company give to the group more songs_My Kingdom Of Love/My Girl Chop Chop/Rosella/Sorry. (this last tune later a hit by the Impalas). but the group rejected these tunes electing to continue with their own material.

The company dischanted never recorded again to the group and this soon disbanded.once again Artie formed a new vocal group The Temptations who recorded for Goldisc Records(see in this blog) and later owened the Kama Sutra label.


Anonymous said...

Your site is wonderful! Thanks for posting these records.

Unknown said...

Hello I am Joe Tedesco thank you for adding my records to your site, sure brings back memories!