Thursday, November 12, 2009


1962 in Corona,Queens NY. (L to R) Vinnie Pizzo(1st Tenor),Johnny Obidienzo(Baritone),Frank Sisco(Lead) and Bobby Sanders(2nd Tenor) were know as The Parkays when one weekend the guys singing in the Club 21 in Corona a fella named Joe Partenza asked the fellas if they wanted to cut a record.

In the studio the group took on a new member Kathy Ferrara,Joe's niece and recorded the sides_Hey There/I Found. these were released in 1962 on the Assault label under the group name of The Castaways.


The record sold fairly well and the group back to the recording studio and cut the classic_Three Coins In The Fountain. and _Strong Love. but in this time they had to change the name of their group because another group was already using that same and The Iridescents(with one R) were born.

The new record was released in 1963 on The Hudson label and got quite a bit of air play around the New York area.


B Side...

In the early 1964 two new sides were recorded_Now Is The Hour/Dreamland. but the british invasion was the end for The Iridescent's and the sides yet unreleased.

In this same year Hudson re-released the Assault sides under the group name of The Irridescents(with two R's).

The Iridescent's on ultrasonic label were a totally different group.

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