Friday, February 11, 2011

THE ESCHELONS_Lonely Christmas

This group/band from Grand Rapids, Michigan consisted originally of Vic Hill, Jack Hazewinkel, Jim VanPutten, Al Bishoff, Dick Beatty, and Ron Beatty is present in the Jeff Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide with two Set-Co Records recordings.

L to R; Jack Hazewinkel, Vic Hill, Dick Beatty, Jim VanPutten, Marty Chirgwin. and Ron Beatty.

In 1961 the original members recorded...

-This Broken Heart/Lonely Christmas.

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Below L to R;  Ron Beatty, Jack Hazewinkel, Dick Beatty, Jim VanPutten, Al Bischoff, Gil King, Cheri Woudstra & Sue Greiner.

The next year the group changed some of their members and added two female backup singers and recorded for Set-Co Records another single...

-Tears Of Love/Angel In My heart.


Additional Note.

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The group have another recording don't present in any doo wop guide...

- My Lonely Senior Year / Lonely Footsteps. Set-Co Records-1962.

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