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The Charades from Tulare,California formed in 1957 by Johnny T.Johnson(Tenor,Lead),Syl Grigsby(Falsetto,Baritone,Lead),Alex Pilkinton(Bass,Baritone,Lead),Levein Butler(Baritone) and the white member Ray Baradat(Tenor,Baritone).

In 1959 the group recorded for Swingin' and Weber Records as The Latin Knights unfortunately none of these songs were released.

In 1962 the group now know as The Charades signed with Anthony J.Hilder and during 1962 to 1964 recorded for labels as Northridge,Ava,Original Sound or Impact Records.

In 1963 they recorded for Los Angeles based label Ava Records(named after label owner Fred Astaire daughter) their best doo wop sides...

-Please Be My Love Tonight/Turn Him Down.

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In 1964 they recorded_Surf & Stomp.this side send The Charades to be the first "Soul Surf Group".


The Charade's continue singing for many years and in 1974 recorded for Syl Grigsby and Ray Baradat singing with a reformed Charade's group.

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Ron Ieraci said...

"Only A Tear" was done by Rick Sharp and the Sharades in 1966. They were from Pittsburgh, and that was the only song they released. It received pretty heavy airplay from one of the local jocks, Terry Lee, in 66-67.