Thursday, February 5, 2009


When The Four Temptations(see in this blog) broke up member Artie Ripp formed and managed another Temptation's group consisted of Artie Maren,Artie Schlacman,Larry Schwartz and Neil Stevens from Flushing,NY.

They recorded three 45's for Goldisc Records.

 As The Temptations.

-Barbara/Someday. Goldisc Records-1960.
-Letter Of Devotion/Fickle Little Girl.Goldisc Records-1960.

The Side_Barbara. charted #29 nationally in the spring of 1960.


The Side_Fickle Little Girl. was very popular in the NY area but never charted.


As Neil Stevens & The Temptations.

-Ballad Of Love/Tonight My Heart She Is Crying.Goldisc Records-1961.


In 1965 Artie found Kama Sutra Records where recorded groups as The Vacels(see in this blog) or Sha Na Na.


arte said...

Thanks for your efforts in collecting this era and reminding me of such fond memories with this group.
We were all about 18 years old and to have a hit record was thrilling.
Artie Maren

Daniel Held said...

I was part owner of a relatively famous New York City record shop in the 1950's thru late 1960's, and I cannot begin to tell you how many times I lost black customers after they came into my store asking for the 'new' Temptations record 'Barbara'; after I played a few seconds of it, some would say 'that's not the [Motown] Temptations' and either walk out never to return or simply say 'thanks' and walk out of my store. How this white Temptations got to legally use this name when the black Temptations had been using the name before is beyond me? There must've been some legal barrier that prevented Berry Gordy from suing the label?

wjnagy1 said...

The black Temptations were not the original owners of name! A white group from Bayonne New Jersey, called the "Temptations", which formed in 1956 copyrighted the name and Bob Moore of this Temptation group (Birds 'n Bees/Temptation on Parkway), owns it to this day. He could have sued all them for a 'copyright infraction' but chose not to because he's too nice a guy.

dowopguido said...

im pretty sure the Barbara Temp's came out a year before the Motown Temps

Roland said...

@ Daniel Held - The "Barbara" Temptations were using the name before the Motown group were. I was never personally a fan of Motown, so I would've probably walked out of your store if all you had were the later group.

Unknown said...

My name is Nelson Lapidus I am the son of Neil Lapidus AKA Neil Stevens of the temptations. It's so nice to see how my father still lives on. I am trying to find out about the rights to the few songs. Can anyone help me? My email address is any help would be appreciated. Thank you