Tuesday, July 14, 2020

REVIVAL YEARS...Frankie & The Corvettes


-Runaround Sue / Teen Angel. Roxan records-1973.

Revival band also known with the name of The Poets from the Northeastern Pennsylvania, Scranton's Bunker Hill section formed by Frankie Gervasi (Lead), Nick Loungo, Pat Loungo, Toby Naro and John Hollenbaugh.

In the early 70's they recorded some 45's and two lps with doo wop & Rock & Roll songs.

I believe that this 45 is completely unknown by collectors because I could not find any reference on the internet or in my doo wop book guides. Unfortunately the two 45 rpm songs presented here are not available on youtube, but I have uploaded two other songs to can appreciate their doowop / R & R sound.


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