Friday, July 31, 2009


The Excellents from the Bronx were formed in 1960 by John Kuse(Lead and 2nd Tenor),George Kuse(1st Tenor),Phil Sanchez(Falsetto),Joel Feldman(Baritone),Dennis Kestenbaum(Lead,Baritone and 2nd Tenor) and Chuck Epstein(Bass).
They recorded...
-When The Red Red Robin Comes.../Love No One But You-Mermaid Records-1961.
-Coney Island Baby/You Baby You-Blast Records-1962.
and have unreleaseds tracks as_Geraldine,Gloria,She's Not Coming Home....

In 1964 Bobby Miller owner of the Bobby and Old Timer Labels release_Sunday Kind Of Love/Helene(Your Wish Came True). as The Excellons.these two sides recorded in 1960 were acappella demos of the Excellents.But Bobby added instruments to_Helene.

Left to right;Denis Kestenbaum,George Kuse, John Kuse, Joel Feldman, Phil Sanchez and Chuck Epstein.

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