Sunday, March 22, 2009

THE VALRAYS_Yo Me Pregunto

The Valrays, 1963, top to bottom: Rod McBrien, Benny Palmeri, Bob Musac and John Giametta.from Long Island,NY..

They Recorded...
-Yo Me Pregunto/Get Aboard.Parkway Records-1963.
-Get Aboard/Pee Wee.Parkway Records-1964.
-I Ask Myself/Honky Tonk.Parkway Records-1964.

Doo Wop In Spanish!!!.

Later Rod McBrien and John Giametta with new members Phil Tano and Meco Menardo recorded for United Artists Records The Valray's sides....

-I'm Walkin' Proud/It Hurts, Doesn't It Girl.United Artists Records-1967.

(Phil Tano was part of The Escorts on Taurus Records,see in this blog).


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