Sunday, July 12, 2009


Acappella group from Livingston,New Jersey formed by Dave Gilmor(Lead),Bruce Turnbull(1st Tenor),Brad Baker(2nd Tenor),John Digman(Baritone) and Ronny Paige(Bass).

In 1967 they recorded for Snowflake Records;Where Or When,My Girl,I Wonder Why,Trickle Tricle,When You Wish Upon A Star and When You Dance.
Pay attention to their version of_I Wonder Why.I'ts the best version you can hear in those days.

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Viaeanguli said...

“I Wonder Why” certainly is the song to highlight a group’s Doo Wop singing abilities, isn’t it?
It worked for Dion & The Belmonts in 1958 and now we see it working its magic in 1967 for The Chantons. It’s a tremendous song. Thank you for providing it.