Wednesday, December 16, 2009

THE SISTERS(Del-Fi Records)

The mexican sisters Mary,Rosella and Ersi Arvizu started singing traditional mexican music in the clubs and venues of Los Angeles with latin bands as Ronnie & The Pamona Casuals,The Midnighters or The Blendells.

In late 1963 signed with the Bob Keane's Del-Fi label as the Eastside's answer to the Motown's Supreme's girl group from Detroit.In 1964 recorded_Gee,Baby Gee. a cover of a Barry Greenwich song,this was soon a local hit and the girls have a big popularity in L.A. area.the B side_was another cover_All Grown Up. original by the girl group The Crystals.

The group recorded other two singles for Del-Fi but without success the group disbanded when the Sisters begin to married during 1965.

This group are present in the Jeff Kreiter Vocal Group Record Guide with...

-Gee Baby Gee/All Gron Up. Del-Fi Records-1964.
-Happy New Year Baby7Ooh Poo Pa Doo.Del-Fi Records-1964.


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