Thursday, April 9, 2009


Group from the Little Neck Section of Queens in New York and consisted in 1963 of Barry Fettner(Second Tenor),Phil Aron(Baritone & Bass),Steve Dworkin(First tenor) and Steve Feldman(Lead).

They recorded a few of demos and finally two of these songs are
released in Bay Records_I Remember.(Flip Side by The Ambassadors) and in Wax Trax Records_Come along.(flip side by Tyrone & The Newports).

To Listen or Download_I Remember please visit;

In 1964 Phil Aron leave the group and join Betsy Flehner(see pictures below).

L to R: Steve Dworkin, Phil Aron, Steve Feldman, Betsy Flehner.

The group have unreleased sides as_In The Still of The Night. or_Dear Lady.


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