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In 1958 the Puerto Rican guys Ernie Sierra(2nd Tenor & Lead),Arnie Torres(Baritone) and Alex Miranda(Bass) from the Treeman Street neighborhood of the Bronx,NY. decided to form a vocal group when they were in junior high,they recruited from other schools to Charlie Girona(Lead) and Fred Hodge(1st Tenor) and The Gleamers were born.

By this time the group had original tunes as_Christams In The Jungle. and send this a local manager Bill Martin under the group name of The Orbits,Bill signed the group and send this to Melba Records owened by Morty Craft this label changed their name to The Eternals and recorded the demo in 1959 as_Rockin In The Jungle. with the B side_Rock & Roll Cha Cha.on the Melba subsidiary label Hollywood Records.


_Rockin In The Jungle. made #78 nationally and #11 in the New York area and the group play at Palisades Park with Bruce Morrow and Murray K and appear on the Clay Cole's TV show.

Their second release was in the summer of 1959_Babalu's Wedding Day/My Girl. without any success.


In this time George Villanueva and Richie Sierra join the group and Morty released another recording on their label Warwick records without The Eternals manager permission_Blind Date/Today. was released in 1960 but in this time the group manager have a denunciation with Warwick Records and the record without promotion dead soon.


 Before _Blind Date was released the company added the Tarzan chant from Joan Campbell's tune_Kookie Little Paradise. and the opening voice of Ed Rudy a Warwick executive.

With the legal problems of their manager with Morty the group never made another record and finally broke up in 1962. in 1972 Ernie reformed The Eternal's group.

Unreleased sides of the group were_You Are/To The Service/Big Trouble/Mr. Night/Sad Christams and_ The Mixture(their lyrics refer to the three released recordings: for example"We went rockin' in the jungle and married babalu".

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