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Vocal group from Nashville formed in 1957 as The Spades in the Cumberland high school with George Lanuis(Lead Singer) his cousin James Lanuis,Ken Brigham,Tom Fortner, Jim Hall and a pianist girl named Joan,see below picture...

Without joan the group changed their name to The Crescendos(name taken from from 90 minute TV spectacular titled ”Crescendo”). and signed with the independent Nasvhille production company Nu-Star owned by Noel Ball and Ken Moffet(Ball was a disc jokey and have his own Tv show).in late 1957 the company recorded the group at the globe recording studio on Broadway where recorded the Ken’s song_Oh Julie. with the rockabilly oriented B Side_My Little Girl. the A Side have the added voice of 16 years old Janice Green from Inglewood,East nashville(she soon was know as “The Oh Julie Girl”).

The record was released by the Excello subsidiary label Nasco Records owened by Ernest L. Yound and soon was very popular across the country and the label sold about a million of copies.


In January 1958 the song reached #4 in the R&B charts and #5 on the pop charts.

Followed to their hit they recorded_School Girl/Crazy Hop. But without success they back up to “The Oh Julie Girl” Janice Green(see above pictures) on his 1958 Nasco’s release_With All My Heart/Jackie.


And to Lowell McGuire on_Spellbound/Leave My Girl Alone.After another release on Nasco was released_Rainy Sunday/Young And In Love.

The group without Jim Hall moved to the chicago label,Scarlet Records where recorded in 1960_Strange Love/Let’s Take A Walk. And in 1961_I’m So Ashamed/Angel Face.


Without any success the group disbanded in the summer of 1961. In 1962 Tap Records reissued the Nasco sides_Angel Face/Oh Julie. And Guest Star released one Lp(in 1963 the same label released another Lp of the group under the name of The Barrons,see in this blog).

-Oh Julie. Was a biggest hit and was versioned by other grouos/singers as Otis Williams & The Charms or Sammy Salvo.

Read The Crescendo's bio at;

LISTEN unreleased sides_Teenage Angel/Lucky Love...


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