Monday, April 21, 2014



-Teenage Rose. Genie Records-1966.


-Come My Little Baby. Mmc Records-1959.


-Coffee And. Crystal Records-1958.

Sunday, April 20, 2014



Band leader and musical arranger Al Browne recorded two sides to one black group know as The Newtones_Remember The Night/Going Steady. finally released in 1958 on the New York City label Baton Records owened by Sol Rabinowitz.


In 1959 one white group from Brooklyn know as The Mystics contacted with Al who recorded them two sides_Can't You See/Come On. but the master was pressed with the group name of The Newtones why during the record session Laurie Records' Mystics came out with the huge hit_Hushabye. Al contacted with some labels but none in this time were interested in these two tunes.

To Listen or Download_Can't You See. please visit;

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In 1964 Al Brown sold all the masters of  the newtone's (black & white group) to Relic Records without explaining that they were two different groups and the label released in 1965 the newtone's sides assuming they were one and the same group...

-I Remenber The Night (by the black grp) / Can't You See (by the white grp).

-We're Going Steady (by the black grp) / Come On (by the white grp).

Additional note...

Joe Barsalona also from Brooklyn heard one night the white newtone's practicing with their song_Can't You See. and copied the background of the song for the five disc's new song_Never Let You Go.


Saturday, April 19, 2014


From The Complete Book Of  Doo Wop...


(From Los Angeles; Albert Martinez, Tony Velasquez, Rebecca Salcedo, Ricky Sanchez and Benjamin "Spider" Velasquez.

-Dance With Me/(flip has no group). Era Records-1964.

Anyone have this song?_Dance With Me.

Friday, April 18, 2014

DONNA DEE & THE CLOUDS (Ramada Records)

Donna Loren from Boston in Massachusetts is present in the doo wop guides as...


-The More I See Him/Can't You See. Ramada Records-1960.

Visit Donna's website at;

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Memory Lane from Cleveland,OH. consited of Paul Pestello(Lead ),Sonny Grillo, Duke Brancatelli, Billy La Richie and Tony Dilillo (later Billy and Tony were replaced by Joe Annotico and Skip Petronzio). Present in the doo wop guides with...

-The Night/Little Star. Crystal Ball Records-1985.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

THE DEBONAIRS_Crazy Kind Of Love


-Crazy Kind Of Love/To Be Without You. Winter Records-1960.

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-Now I'm So Lonesome (I Could Die)/Baby I Tried. Sandy Records-1957.

Value; $150.

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Ray & The Furys from Pittsburgh formed by Ronnie "Benny" Kosarich,Bill McClelland,Joe Hakas,Ray Bowling,Bill "Herbie" Vickers and Ron Dulak were present in The Complete Book Of Doo Wop with...

-Kiss And Run Driver. Coed Records-1961.

Anyone have this song?.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Reba Jeanette Smith from Corbin, Kentucky is present in the doo wop guides as...


-Gimme What You Got/Share Your Love. Argo Records-1957.

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In 1958 recorded two sides for Roulette Records with The Deltones of Vee Jay Records (see in this blog) as back up group but the label released these tunes under the name of the group, THE DELTONES...

-Jerry/Rock 'n Cha Cha. Roulette Records-1958.

To Listen or Download A Side, please visit;

2 sides on Youtube...

In 1961 Reba was the first white female singer to sign with Motown Records where recorded two sides under the name of DEBBIE DEAN...

-But I'm Afraid/Itsy, Bitty, Pity Love. Motown Records-1961.

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Complete information and pictures at;

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Mike McKenzie & The Embers; Mike Shaw, Mike McKenzie, Doug Herman and Doug Spartz are present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide with...

-I Want To Do It/ My Summer Star. Crash Records-?.

A Side originnally recorded by Bobby Comstock.

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B Side...

Thursday, April 3, 2014


THE CHYMES (Musictone Records).

THE FOUR CHYMES (Musicnote Records).

THE THREE CHIMES (Crossway Records).

When the Chimes of_Once In Awhile. fame became inactive the owner of Tag Records, Andy Leonetty decided to keep the name alive but with a slight deviation in spelling, THE CHYMES from Brooklyn were born consisted of Gil Pabon(Lead),Larry Gerona(1st Tenor),Ray Diaz(2nd Tenor) and Carmine Scibelli(Baritone). before singing with this group, Larry recorded with The Untouchables for Alan K. Records.

They recorded in 1964...

-If I Give My Heart To You/On The Street Where You Live. Musictone Records.



Also in 1964 recorded for Musicnote Records the sides_The Gypsy/Now Look At Who's Crying. under the groupo name of THE FOUR CHYMES.


Without success Carmine dropped out and the group recorded as THE THREE CHIMES...

-Tears And Pain/Show Me The Way. Crossway Records-1964.


But with the british invasion the disc dead soon and the group broke up soon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Johnny Jack Greco from Pittsburgh started his career in 1954 at the age of 14 as songwriter,singer and music (he played piano, drums and guitar).

Under the name of JOHNNY JACK is present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide with...

-Smack Madam/Starving For Love. Great Records-1959.

-Let's Have A Party/True Love At First Sight. Lawn Records-1964.

-Forever (And A Day)/Love Must Be. Lawn Records-1964.


And under the name of  JOHNNY YORK with...

-Got My Eyes On You/True Lovers. Bevmar Records-1964.


Surprisingly his oriented doo wop song_Need You. (original by Donnie Owens in 1958) recorded on the Ricky label in 1962 with Joni Wilson & The Debonaires on the instrumentation and songstress Mary Jo Trape in the falsetto part, NOT is present in the doo wop guides.

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Additional note....

Johnny wrote songs as...

-Lonely Heart. by Leroy & The Enchantments.
-Comes Love. by The Skyliners.
-Another Night Alone. by Janet Deane aka Janet Vogel of The Skyliners.

John J. Greco died 23-May-1997 in Presbyterian University Hospital, Pittsburgh of cancer, he was 57.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

From... ITALY... in Europe...THE 4 SAINTS

In 1958 a white vocal group from Italy in Europe singing in english the claccic Anka's song_Diana.

This track is from an italian ep issued in 1958 with the sides_There's No You (Senza te)/With All My Heart (Con tutto il cuore)/Catch a Falling Star (Prendi quella stella)/Diana.

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THE MARVELTONES (Regent Records)


Frank Kreisel, Pete Milano and Jackie Vincent from New Jersey present in all the doo wop guides with..

-My Heart Is Yours/So (It's Over). Regent Records-1952.

-Care/Three Sundays. Regent Records-1952.

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Frank and Jackie later recorded with The Gallahads (see in this blog).

Read a bio about Frank Kreisel with The Marveltones & The Gallahads.

Frank Kreisel from the 454 school street in Woodbrige, NJ. attending St. James' Parochial School,' Frank entered an Amateur Night Contest at the Strand Theater-in Perth Amboy and won first prize. The following week, Jackie Vincent copped first place with a combination singing and dancing act. Frank remembers his profes- sional debut at the Alamo in Fords where he broke in with his uncles, Pete, Lou and Johnny Milano. "We had a hot quintet, but as a fresh- man at Woodbridge High, I found it difficult to keep up with my studies due to the late hours we played. However, the experience made the arduous job worth- while."

In 1940 Frank broke away from the quintet to organize a sixteen- piece band, which played at the Laurence Harbor Casino and vari- ous spots along the East coast. The group was starting to jell when World War II broke out, forcing the band to cancel their engage. With the call for musicians rap- idly diminishing, Frank enlisted in the Army where he compiled an interesting record in the. Pa- cific Theater of operations as a combat infantry man with the 132nd Division.

He -was awarded four battle stars after engagements on Guadalcanal and Bougainville and the Philippine Islands. Dur- ing the invasion of Sabu, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. After serving his apprenticeship under fire, he was plucked from the ranks to take over the 132nd Division's band which later enter- tained troops throughout the Pa- cific. Frank recalls the pleasant experience of going on tour with Bob Hope and Jack Benny. "Those two were great and I learned a lot through my association with them. Hope, in particular1, was coopera- tive and often gave me encour- agement."

Frank shed his Army uniform in 1948 and immediately re-or- ganized his band with the inten- tion of picking up where he left off before his service stint. His plans were shattered, however, when the bottom dropped- out of the big band business and vaude- ville. It was a crushing blow, but his determination to remain in show business never wavered and he went on to organize a trio with Pete Milano and Jackie Vincent.

The group had a small measure of success playing the usual hotel circuits in Florida but wasn't mak- ing any substantial progress. After a series of night club dates, Pete eft the trio, which led to the re- organization of the combine.

With the acquisition of guitarist George Cippellone in 1949, the trio went on the Arthur Godfrey Talent I cout Show and got its initial break by winning first prize. Thejr talents were immediately recog- nized by Arthur Godfrey, who signed them for a spot on his radio and TV shows. Next came a contract with Re- ent Records from whom the group recorded "My Heart Is Yours," which was written by Frank him- self.

The arrangement sold*47,000 :opies, but as Frank puts it, "The best I could do with the royalty check was buy a new hat, believe i t or not." Their association with" Regent brought about the name "Marveltones" for the trio.

Frank thought the Marveltones were on their way to the top "when, they won $1,000. on Dennis James' television program "Chance of a Lifetime"; but only the usual night lub and hotel dates followed. He realized something was missing but he couldn't put his firmer on it, so he decided to re-organize once more.

Last January he persuaded Len Carrie to abandon his quintet, the Cracker Jacks, and join forces with Jackie Vincent and him.Car- rie brought along his drummer Buddy. Raymond to round out the quartet. After the first series of rehearsals, Frank stated, "The sound was there and I knew we had the combination to go all the way this time. I broke the news to our agent Johnny Brown and it was he who thought of: our present name, the Gallahads.

Frank went on to explain: "We were aware of our capabilities, so we decided to risk everything on a demonstration record. We engaged Danny Mendelson, one of the best arrangers in the business to han- dle "Careless" and the song I wrote "Ooh-Ah." Danny felt the same as I about the quartet so he hired the top musicians in the field for our recording date. Among the group were such noted instru- mentalists as Ernie Royle, Jim irawford, Ernie Banks, Sandy Block and Eddie O'Connor, Meh- delson was terrific in the way he strove for perfection—his untimely death two weeks ago was a severe blow to all of us.

Once the arrangement was com- pleted, the Gallahads had five rec- ord companies waving contracts in their direction—they felt it would be a hit. After some delibera- tion, they signed with Capitol Rec- ords because their proposition was the-best and they are regarded as one of the big four to the industry.

When the record was released March 2nd, "Ooh-Ah" was sup- posed to be the A side, but most of the disc jockeys and juke box op- erators seemed to favor the old standby "Careless." Frank claims he doesn't mind which side they prefer, just as long as they con- tinue playing the record. ports in the metropolitan area in- dicate the platter- is climbing among the top sellers.

With "Careless"'making a steady climb in record sales and popu- larity, the Gallahads have become the most sought-after quarter this side of the Mississippi. Their per- formance under the spotlights is a show-stopper with comedy blended skillfully with their vo- calizing and playing. Charlie Ven- tura, an outstanding musician and veterari entertainer, after witness- ing the group stated, "The kids are loaded with talent and I can't see how they can miss going all the way-to the'top—it's inevitable."

In an effort to capitalize on their recent success, the quartet leaves tomorrow on an extended tour which opens in Montreal, Canada, and terminates in the midwest. Upon their return East, they hope to harness a TV show and make some additional recordings for Capitol Records.

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Hi Records was a Memphis soul and rockabilly label started in 1957 by singer Ray Harris, record store owner Joe Cuoghi, Bill Cantrell and Quinton Claunch (formerly producers for Sun Records), and three silent partners, including Cuoghi's lawyer, Nick Pesce.

With his conection with Sun Records, the label recorded in 1957 several sides to Elsie Jo Miller and Mildred (Wages) Miller know on Sun Records as The Miller Sisters (see in this blog).

In 1958 HI Records released two sides of the duo present in the doo wop guides under the group name of THE CHARMETTES...

-Skating In The Blue Light/My Love With All My Heart.

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THE FACES (Iguana/Regina Records)


Present in all the doo wop guides with...

-Christmas/New Years Resolution. Iguana Records-1963 or 1965.

-What Is This Dream (I Have)?/Skier Jones. Regina Records-1965.

-I'll Walk Alone/I Didn't Want Her. Regina Records-1965.



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REVIVAL YEARS...The Originals

The Originals - left to right: Frank Tardogno(Lead), Frank Ramos(Baritone/Bass), Jimmy Moschello(Second Tenor) and Alex Augustine(First Tenor). Frank and Jimmy are original members of  The Elegants.

They are present in the doo wop guides with...

-Dreams Can Come True/Dressin Up. Starlight Records-1988.

-I Was Such A Fool/You'll Never Walk. Starlight Records-1990.

To Listen or Download_I Was Such A Fool. please visit;

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

BOBBY CASH (King Records)

Rockabilly artist Bobby Cash from Miami, Florida. signed in 1961 to the age of seventeen with King Records where recorded the single_Answer To My Dreams/I Don't Need Your Love And Kisses. present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide.

More information at;

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STEVE GIBSON & THE RED CAPS ...Their white members

Above picture, Steve Gibson & The Red Caps with white member Bobby Gregg.

The group have two white members...

Jay Price from 1952 to 1958.

Bobby Gregg from 1955 to 1960.

See below picture with the two white members...

Complete information at;


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-I Always Will/God Made An Angel. Decade Records-?.

Value; $150

Available on Youtube...

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Darlene"Dee"Gillespie sing a nice teen doo wop ballad _Loddy Doddy Doo. released in 1959 on Buena Vista Records.

Darlene was one of the Mouskateers on the "Mickey Mouse Club" in the late 1950 (see picture above).

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


 THE TREBLE CHORDS (Decca Records).

White group from the Bronx formed in 1957 by Ercote Gaudioso (Lead),Anthony Cacase,Al Diaco and Anthony DiBari also Frank Raia sang with they by a brief time.

From 1958 the guys winning several amateur shows and singing in many local events and receive the attention of Decca Records who in 1959 recorded their single_My Little Girl/Teresa.

To Listen or Download B Side, please visit;

2 Sides on Youtube...

Without success Tony DiBari left the group and joined the Bronx group Ninno & The Ebbtides. The rest of the group recorded another songs  for Decca  but the label never released these sides.

In 1961 the group broke up but Diaco and Gaudioso with Jay Ferrara and Anthony Biletto (from an unrecorded group named The Monterays) reformed the group with a new lead singer, Anthony Vizzari and recorded some demos for Cousin Records but again these sides were unreleased.

In 1963 Emil Sachs from The Concepts on ABC Records replaced Gaudioso but the group never made another recording.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I recently discover another mistake from The Complete Book Of Doo Wop with...


-It's Witchcraft. Bon Records-1959.

Complete information at:


The B Side of this recording_Debbie. not is listed in the mentioned book, but have a nice Teen sound with some harmonies...

Friday, March 7, 2014


14 year-old Ronnie Diamond from Hawaii is present in the doo wop guides with...

-Close To My Heart/Zig-Zag. Imperial Records-1958.
-Candy Store/Something's Wrong With Me. Imperial Records-1959.
-Tell Me/Life Begings at 4 O'Clock . Imperial Records-1959.

To Listen or Download_Zig Zag. please visit;

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THE MAJESTICS_Searching For A New Love

In 1959 Larry Steele from the Bordentown section of Trenton in New Jersey formed with Bob Cooper,Jimmy Hannah,Bobby Mark (Marks),Bobby Hartnagle and George Faulkner the vocal goup know as The Majestics.

They practice with songs of The Willows,The Dell-Vikings,The Diamonds or The Harptones and participe in many local events with groups as Danny & The Juniors,The Plurals,The Hearts...

In late 1959 auditioned with a demo tape with song written by Larry for Jordan Records in New York city, the label signed the group and released in 1960 the Larry’s original tunes_Searching For A New Love/Angel Of Love.

To Listen or Download A Side, please visit;

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The record have a good local acepptation and played in many radio shows in Pennsylvania with this promotion he group receive the attention of V-Tone/Len and Arc Records but none recording were made in these labels and the group broke up soon.

In 1961 The Belmonts recorded The Majetics side_Searching For A New Love. And the Pixie and Nu-Tone Records re-leased The Majestics 45 rpm.


Sunday, February 23, 2014


Honky-tonk country singer, Benny Barnes from Beaumont in Texas is present in the doo wop guides as...


-Lonely Street/Moon Over My Shoulder. Mercury Records-1958.


Friday, February 21, 2014



-Linda Loves Me/same Song. Valley's Meadowlark Records-1959.

Value; $20

Available on Youtube...