Monday, September 1, 2014


Sam Stray has been writing songs since 1953, his very first song was called "SHE'S MY BABY"(YES SHE IS) his first group was formed in Linden Junior High. The members were Sammy, Ronald and Aonald West(TWINS)(Baritone,Bass), and their cousin Robert Cunningham(First Tenor, they were the first vocal group to use the name THE CUFF-LINKS.

Sam regrets to this day that they split up when they got to Linden High. That is where Sam met Wayne Tevlin, a great singer and fabulous guitarist. They inducted a classmate Richard (LUIGI) Soldo (Mr. Bassman) and first tenor Raymond Creapeau (Pitched for the Detroit Tigers)they called themselves The Uniques. They released several records from 1960-1964 on Bliss, Pride and Gone.


Later changed their name to The Four Kings and recorded_One Night. a song that topped the charts around the USA, Wayne Tevlin sang a tremendous falsetto lead on that song. It was headed to the number one spot....then a bomb dropped....the British Invasion hit the USA.

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Today Sam and Wayne are still vocalizing and still waiting for that hit song to come along....

Saturday, August 30, 2014

THE BLUE VELVETS (Christy Records)

John Fogerty (guitar and backvocals); Stu Cook (piano and backvocals) and Doug Clifford (drums) from the Portola Jr. High, in the East Bay San Francisco Suburb of El Cerrito were a band know as The Blue Velvets.

In the end of 1959 back-up to James Powell, a black singer from Richmond, CA. in their recording for Christy Records_Beverly Angel / Lidia. present in the Kreiter's guide.

The band was uncredited in this recording and later were know as Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"TEEN SALUTE" to the Italian Center...

Poster of a doo wop amateur show with groups as The Fabulons or The Aladdins...

Great and rare item for the doo wop collectors !!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

THE VICE-ROYS (Ramco Records)

Interracial group stationed at Luke Air Force Base West of Phoenix,AZ formed by (L to R on the above picture) Al Linde, Paul Robertson, Bob Zoidis, Charles " Pedro" Buford and Henry Truesdale.

In August, 8, 1962 backed by the Mike Metko Combo recorded the sides_My Heart / I Neer You Love So Bad.  released by Ramco Records in the end of 1962. The label only pressed 300 copies and today this recording is considered very rare with a value in the Kreiter's guide of $1500.

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Linde, Zoidis and Buford later recorded for Ramco as Brother Zee & the Decades (see in this blog).

The group have the unreleased sides_Sunday Kind Of Love. and_Yancy.


Friday, August 22, 2014



-After the Twist / Scotties Twist. Apex Records-?

A Side is an unlisted oriented doo wop song. B Side is rockin instro.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

THE FOUR COUNTS (Josie & Charm Records)

Available on Youtube the complete discography of The Four Counts...

-Yum-mee, Yum-mee / Cuckoo. Josie/Go Records-1958.

-I Love You With All My Heart / Rock & Roll Is Good Four The Soul. Charm Records-1958.


Unreleased sides?...



Wednesday, August 13, 2014


In 1963 three members of The Vice-Roys (see in this blog) on Ramco Records, from L-R on the picture above; Al Linde, Bobby Zoidis and Charles "Pedro" Buford, recorded together for this label as Brother Zee & The Decades.

-Sha Boom Bang / Smokey The Bear. A Side is an awesome re-imagination of the Rivingtons classic_Papa-Oom Mow-Mow.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The Wilder Brothers (Walt, Warner and George) were present in the doo wop guides with...

-Party Line/Sick,Sick,Sick. Leeds Records-1959.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014



-Angel In Disguise / No, No, No, Please Don't Go. unreleased sides.

See in this blog ;

Terri Dean.

The Metros.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

DOO WOP MASTER TAPE_Ronnie Gilbert & Group

Two white teen doo wop sides_(My Baby) Still In Love With Me / I Love You. from a 1/4-inch master tape recorded in 1962 by Texas recording engineer and A&R man Galyn Shelby who worked with Huey Meaux, Norman Petty and others.

I unknow if these two sides were released in one 45.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Ray Clauson & The Teen Tops (aka The Continentals) were a band from the Narimasu High School in Tokyo, Japan. formed by Ray Clauson, Joanie Seitz, Grant Williams, Sue Clauson (Ray's sister), bassist Tom Robinson, drummer Terry Shane and Charley Brown, they were long-time members. Singer Anita D'Elosua and guitarist Jim McConville stayed only a short time.

Complete information at,

They recorded in japan several singles and one album with songs as_Little Star, I Hear Bells, Till...

I would hear some song of this group, anyone have any available?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

REVIVAL YEARS...The Ecstasies

Group from Philadelphia who in 1962 recorded for Amy Records the sides_Lucky Old Sun / Time for Love.


In late 70's original Lead, Donny Ermold and original Baritone, Joe Grimaldi recorded again and were present in the doo wop guides with....

-Dream Of A Lifetime / Chapel In The Moonlight. Clifton Records-1979.
-White Christmas / Silent Night. Clifton Records-1979.
-I'll Never Tell / Sixty Minute Man. UGHA Records-1979.
-That's The Way It Goes / I Don't Know Why. UGHA Records-1979.
-Adorable / Cry Like I Cry. Clifton Records-1986.
-Out Of sight, Out Of Mind / You Foolish Thing. Clifton Records-1990.
-Until The Real Thing Comes Along / The Pleasure's All Mine. Ronnie Records-1991.
-A G. I. Whish / I'ts Too Soon To Know / Gee, But I'd Give The World / You Do Something To Me . Clifton Records EP-?.

In all these years Donny and Joe were accompanied by other singers as Dave Moore (first tenor), Dave’s brother Richie Moore (second tenor), Dave’s brother-in-law Larry (bass).Dave Alexander, Dave Richardson or Frank “Skeets” Squillace, formerly of the Mystery Quartet (Essex Records).

From left; Donny, Joe, Dave Alexander and Dave Moore.

To Listen or Download_Gee, But I'd Give The World. please visit;

From 1994 Joe Grimaldi with new members singing in several shows as The Ecstasies...

Monday, July 28, 2014

ANDY & THE LIVE WIRES (Applause Records)

Andy & The Live Wires lead by Robert "Andy " Anderson were present in The Complete Book Of Doo Wop with their 1960 recording_Maggie / You've Done It Again. on the Omaha, Nebr. based label, Applause Records.

But these two sides not have a doo wop sound, A Side is instrumental and B Side have a rockabilly sound.


Sunday, July 27, 2014


Ted Newman was born in South Dakota on May 6th 1939 and were present in The Complete Book Of Doo Wop as...


-I Double Dare You / None Of Your Tears. Rev Records-1957.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014



-Shelly My Love / Teenage Romance. Harvey Records.

Recorded on the early 1960's but not released until 1977, vocal group led by Terry Haber.

Value; $8

Available on Youtube...

Friday, July 25, 2014

THE FOUR SEASONS ( Gone & Vee Jay Records)

Fankie Valli's Four Seasons from Newark, New Jersey were present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide with 17 recordings on the Gone and Vee Jay label.

Complete information at;

From the mentioned labels and according to the book, their most valuable recordings were...

-Bermuda / Spanish Lace. Gone Records-1962.

-Big Girls Don't Cry / Connie-O. Vee Jay Records-1962.

-Walk Like A Man / Lucky Ladybug. Vee Jay Records-1962.

-Soon (I'll Be Home Again) / Ain't That A Shame!. Vee Jay Records-1963.

-Peanuts / Stay. Vee Jay Records-1963.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


In this time I present three groups without history, yes, without history.

They only recorded in 1963 for an album proyected by the Dj Lou Dean from the Night Train Dance Show at the Bay Shore Roller Rink in Long Island, NY. and nothing more was heard of them.


They singing together 9 months, all hail from  Brentwood, L. I. the group consisted of Lenny Suma, age 17 (1st tenor), Yvonne Slater, age 15 (Lead), John Vilardi, Age 17 (2º Tenor), Paul Rey, age 17 and Frank Mosqueria, age 18. They recorded for the album the songs_So Young / Hey Senorita.



They have been singing together since early 1963. The group consisted of  Al Thomas, age 16 (Lead), Frank Scaduto, age 21 (1st tenor), Richie Cunningham, age 18 (2º Tenor), Bobby Delgado, age 18 (Baritone) and Johnny Perz, age 20 (Bass). They recorded the songs_Gloria / I Wish That We Were Married.



They singing together 8 months consisted of Ronnie Castoldi, age 18 (2º Tenor), Tony Presto, age 17 (Lead), Bryan Beveridge, age 17 (Baritone), "Buzz" Little, age 17 (1st Tenor) and Al Bartolotta, age 18 (Bass). They recorded the song_Tell Me Heart.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The Rouletts were a Pittsburgh Doo-Wop group in the late '50's Their members were: Frank Sedlak, John 'Jess' Jesulaitis, Bob Iseman, Tom Parker and Mike Pavlik.

Frank Sedlak was their music coordinator and shared lead vocals with Jess Jesulaitis and Bob Iseman.

These tracks were  from one of their practice sessions on December 21, 1958.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Dolores Hawkins from Brooklyn, NY. were present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide as..


-Heavenly Father / Rock Is My Bed. Okeh Records-1952.

-Each Time / Risin Sun. Okeh Records-1952.

See in this blog; The Four Lads.


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Canadian group from Toronto formed in 1950 by members of St. Michael's Choir School, where they learned to sing.

The founding members were Corrado "Connie" Codarini (Bass),  John Bernard "Bernie" Toorish (Tenor); James F. "Jimmy" Arnold  (Lead), and Frank Busseri (Baritone and group manager).

Present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide with 39 recordings on the Columbia and Okeh label.

From the mentioned labels and according to the book, their most valuable recordings were...

-Heavenly Father / Rocks Is My Bed. Okeh Records-1952.

-Each Time / Risin Sun. Okeh Records-1952.

The above mentioned as Dolores Hawkins & The Four Lads (see to Doloress in this blog).

-Somebody Loves Me / Thanks To You. Columbia Records 1952.

-The Girl On The Shore / Blackberry Boogie. Columbia Records-1952.

-Plending My Love / I've Been Thinking. Columbia Records-1955.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LINDA LAURIE (Rust Records)

Linda Laurie (real name Linda Maxine Gertz) born on 26 May 1941 in Brooklyn, New York. in 1958 with scholmate Susan Yellin from the Abraham Lincoln High School recorded as The Shades/Knott Sisters for Big Top Records (see in this blog).

Later recorded with the name of Linda Laurie for Glory and other labels and were present in the doo wop guides with...

-Prince Charming/ Soupin Up Your Motor. Rust Records-1960.

-Stay At Home Sue / Lazy Love. Rust Records-1962.

A Side is a answer to_Dion's Runaround Sue. with The Del-Satins as backup group.

Complete information at;


Sunday, July 13, 2014

REVIVAL YEARS...Subway Serenade

Vocal group from Long Island, NY. formed by Rich Peritore (Lead), Bob Emrick (Bass), Joe Ficarotto (Baritone), Rick Nicolini (Second Tenor) and Chris Mahoney (First Tenor).

Present in the doo wop guides with...

-That's My Girl / Out Of Sight Out Of Mind. Clifton Records-1980.

-White Crhistmas / What Are You Doing New Years Eve. Avenue D Records-1981.

-Hello/ How Sentimental Can I Be / Secret Love / Count Every Star. Clifton Records EP-1981.

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Friday, July 11, 2014


1958 picture sleeve of the Shades (featuring The Knott Sisters) on London Records (original label, Big Top) with the side Sun Glasses b/w Undivided Attention by The Knott Sisters, present in The Complete Book Of Doo Wop.


-A Side is perfomed by songwriter Mort Shuman on Lead with Doc Pomus's wife and other studio artists on the backup vocals.

-B Side actually were scholmates Linda Laurie and Susan Yellin from the Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, NY. singing as The Knott Sisters.

Later Linda recorded for Rust, Glory or Recona Records (see in this blog).

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

THE 45's... DEL RAYS


-Lily Maybelle / When We're Alone. Future Records-1958.

Value; $30

2 sides on Youtube...

Friday, July 4, 2014


THE APOLLO BROTHERS (Cleveland & Locket Records).

In 1960 Ruben Guevara from  the North Hollywood High School and Paul (Pablo) Amarillas from Bosco High School in Montebello, California with another friend formed in California a vocal trio know as The Vanteens but with the exit of the hispanic duos as The Heartbreakers or the Carlos Brothers, Ruben and Paul became soon the duo know as The Apollo Brothers (name from a car club called, The Appollos).

Signed with Cleveland Records were recorded the sides_My Beloved One / Riot. The A Side written by Paul have a good airplay from deejay Alan Freed on KDAY. They performed at the El Monte Legion Stadium, Alan Freed’s Record Hop at Jordan High in Watts, Pacific Ocean Park, and various local television shows and were the first Chicano duo to be played as a VIP platter on KGFJ, a Los Angeles rhythm and blues station.


With the popularity of the side Bob Keane from Del-Fi Records re-released the disc on the Locket label without any success. In the70’s Guevara singing as Lead on the Zappa’s group, Ruben & the Jets.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


The Royal Rockers with two previously unreleased tracks on Darl Records, the A side_Where Can She Be. is a nice ballad, while the flip_Scramble. is a motorcycle-inspired rave-up. Pressed on clear gold vinyl with a great picture sleeve.

Problaby recorded in 1959-60. and released in the 80's.


The picture group is the same from CARLO & THE CUPIDS....

Carlo & The Cupids  aka  The Royal Rockers ???.

Anybody knows if these two groups have some connection or if is a wrong  picture group sleeve?.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


The Four Coins were a pop group from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania consisted of George Mantalis, James Gregorakis and brothers George and Michael Mahramas who put in 1955-59 seven songs in the Billboard list and were present in the Jeff Kreiter Vocal Group Record Guide with...

-Pledging My Love / I Want A Littel Girl. MGM Records-1960.

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More info at;

They continue recording until 1967. In 1966 they recorded the Ernie Maresca classic_Shout Shout. for Laurie Records.

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See The Four Coins from the 1957 movie, Jamboree...