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A side...JOHNNY ECKS_Ricochet. (Instrumental).

B side...THE DUNHILLS_The Sound Of The Wind (doo wop).

Royal Records-1961.

Value; $30

Download at; https://app.box.com/s/u9h4j4e1vlth5d61wz291zpr49f5iquq

Available on YouTube...

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THE DAY BROTHERS ( Chancellor & Firebird records)

Early Day Brothers; Back L to R; Joe Rocko, Carmen Dee, Barry Smith, Center; Donny & Tommy Day, Bottom; Sonny Troy.

Vocal band formed originally around 1956 in the 8th & McClellan in South Philadelphia by Tommy "Day" Degaetano (Sax / Vibes), Donny "Day" Degaetano (Vibes), Barry Smith (Drums), Joe Mellace (Bass), Carmen Detore (Sax / Flaute ) and Sonny Troy (Guitar).

From 1956 to 1962 the group have many personal changes, others members of the group were; Frank Casecarelli, Mark Conti, Rick Paris, Johnny Concho, Harry Casey and Joe Rocko.

Top L to R; Mark Conti, Frank Cascarelli, Ricky Paris, Johnny Concho, Front; Donny Day and Tommy Day.

The Day Brothers inspired their dance & singing style with the repertoire of the Trainers, in early 1958 moved to South Jersey were singing in clubs, private party and radio shows and finally contacted with Bob Marcucci and Pete DeAngelis of Chancellor records where recorded _A Thousand Miles Away / Somebody Else Is taking My Place.

2 sides on YouTube...

Without success they continue with his routine until 1962 when independent writter / producer give two songs to the group_Cleopatra Brown / Wait For Me. released on the Firebird label.


The A side was very popular and Cameo records re-released the sides for their distribution in Canada but by the end of 1962 the band broke up.

Top Row L to R, Donny & Tommy Day, Second Row; Frank Cascarelli & Mark Conti, Third Row; Harry Casey & Ricky Paris.

The members of the group continue in the music bussines as brothers Danny & Tommy as a comedian duo.

Other three records of the Day Brothers appear but they were a mistery...

-I Wanna Be Your Man / Make Up Your Mind. Columbia records-1964.

-Summertime At The Steel Pier / Stretch Pants. Day Dell Records-?.

Album "Summertime At The Steel Pier" with unknow cuts by the group.

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In 1956 american ( born in Brooklyn, New York) music and record producer Dickie Goodman formed a partnership with Bill Buchanan and George Goldner in addition to having his own hit records.

They founded Luniverse records ( originally named Universe Records, the "L" was added post-production to about 2000 already pressed discs after the existence of another Universe Records was discovered ).

Dickie with two studio singers recorded as THE CASUAL THREE...

-Candy Store Blues / Be-Bop Way Marie. Mark-X records-1957.

Mark-X were a Goldner's label.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit; https://app.box.com/s/gso6oekqw2k175en8g05j8dkajscd2ds

-The Invisible Thing / Some Other Fellow. Luniverse records-1958.

To Listen or Download B side, please visit; https://app.box.com/s/utik65u0nm87d1auye365x9sclp110yy

Or go to YouTube...

Complete information at; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dickie_Goodman

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THE EMERALDS...unrecorded group...

Vocal harmony group called The Emeralds. Although this band did not record any material they were a big draw on the local scene in 1963-64 but Beatlemania was just around the corner and teens would want guitar bands and that exciting rhythm and beat.

The group were Don Sallah, Les Jansson, Tony Franquiero and Hank Cardello.

Don recorded in 1959 with  Little Moose & The Hunters (He was the Little Moose) the oriented doo wop side_Lovely One.


Thanks to ; http://expo67-cavestones.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/the-boys-from-new-york-city-musical.HTML

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This song of the Capries_Hey Girl. recorded in 1965 for Rainbow records not is in any guide of doo wop, but I think it is a good candidate to be present, as it has a very good doo wop oriented sound.

 Listen and judge for yourself;



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In 1958 Tom King from the Shaw High School in Cleveland, OH. want form a Rock & Roll band, He recruited Howie Blank (Drums) and Walt Nims (Lead guitar) from the rival school, Heights High School, his girlfriend, Sherry, introduced Tom's to Mert Madsen (a Denmark native) who played upright Bass and finally add Denny Slifko as Saxophonist.

In 1961 Tom's uncle, Pat recorded the guys in his own label, Pama records with the sides_Ring Of Love / Cheating Game. as Tony King & The Starfires. the disc was very popular in Cleveland and the group appear in radio shows hosted by Phil McLean, Carl Reese or Bill Randle.


In late 1961 Howie left and was replaced by Jimmy Fox also they add three girls from Tom's high school know as The Ardells and recorded again in Pama's_I Know / Love You Cause I Love You. as Tom King with The Ardells and The Starfires. Later in 1963 the Ardells were know as The Secrets of_The Boy Next Door. fame.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit; http://www.box.net/shared/0n65cspzyr


The Starfires recorded other songs ( vocal & Instrumental) not present in the doo wop guides and their members singing occasionaly with other bands as Joey & The Continentals and workin as a back up band for other artists and groups.

In 1966 Tom and Mert with Sonny Geraci, Bill Bruno and Rick Baker charted # 5 nationally as the Outsiders with the song_Time Won't Let me.

Complete Bio of the group at; http://www.allmusic.com/artist/the-starfires-mn0000580678/biography

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THE STATENS (Mark-X records)

In 1958 in Staten Island, NY. inspired by the local group the Elegants, Joe Ferrentino, Santo Rizzo, Anton Pietrafesa and Frank Toscano (Lead) form the vocal group, The Fortunes.

Above the original 4 members Staten's group.

During a show, a local night club owner liked their sound and financed one recording session at Adelphi Recording Studios, NY. where recorded six songs, presented the masters to Jim Gribble manager of The Mystics, Mr. Gribble like a song_Christmas Time. but he suggested the group work with this song for the summer.

From left; Steve, Joe and Frank.

Within two weeks the group returned with_Summertime Is The Time For Love. Mr. Gribble then assigned Stan Vincent to work out an arrangement and the song was presented to George Goldner of Gone records, impressed with the tune, Mr. Goldner called Artie Rip who arranged 17 piece accompaniment.

The side was released in the summer of 1961 on George's Mark-X label with the B side_That Certain Kind. but George said you boys are from Staten Island so you name will be The Statens.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit; http://www.box.net/shared/f3q0gqhmdg


The record failed in the charts and Santo left the group, in 1963 signed Frank's father, song writer, Al Bandini as their manager who send the group to record some demos at Broadway Studios, the guys lead to Mercury records without luck. In early 1965 recorded the sound-a-like Jean & Dean / Beach Boys sides_You've Got A Bomb / Surfannanny. for Philips records as Cyclone III.

The group recorded a remake of the Jean & Dean_Sidewalk Surfin. for an upcoming movie but Joe's military commitments thwart this work.

In 1980 Crystal Ball released two 45's with the Staten's unreleased sides_Valentine / Do What You Want _Where Was I / Didn't Mean To Fall In Love.

 Followed in 1982 by an album and in 2000 a complete CD with more unreleased sides of the group as_When Will I Find Love / You Broke My Heart / One Girl, My Girl / U-Dance / Honest I Do.

Read Staten's bio at; http://www.allmusic.com/artist/statens-mn0000923790/biography

LISTEN unreleased sides...

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REVIVAL YEARS...The Imperial Gents

Billy Vera (of the Contrasts) overdub his voice for a Laurie's recording with the classic song_Little Darling. and the instrumental tune_Imperial Gents Stomp. released in 1970 under the group name of The Imperials Gents and present in all the doo wop guides.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit; https://app.box.com/s/2msn951n9ixem2egntj4f62nyhppn675

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THE EXOTICS (Springboard records)

Left to right; John Romano, Johnny Squillaciotti, Angelo Fantazzia, Mike DiMayo and Fred Landrum.

White group from the 8th and Catharine streets in South Philadelphia formed by five schoolmates from the southern high school; Johnny Romano (Baritone), Angelo Fantazzia (Lead), Michael DiMayo (2º Tenor), Johnny Squillaciotti (1st Tenor) and Fred Landrum (Bass).

They practice with classic doo wop songs as_Just Two Kinds Of People / Gee / Gloria / I Believe / Til Then. and like local groups as the Four J's, Four Evers or Anthony & The Sophomores.

Top L-R; Mike DiMayo, John Romano, Bottom L-R; Angelo Fantazzia, Fred Landrun, Center; Johnny Squillaciotti.

In late 1962 signed James Hoskins as their manager who send the group to George Yahraes who need groups for his new label Springboard records. the group auditioned for Mr. Yahraes who contracted the guys, these moved to the united recording studio where recorded an updated reworking of the Crow's_Gee. with the ballad_Lorraine. Springboard released the sides in spring of 1963 with a color picture sleeve.

To Listen or Download_Gee, please visit; https://app.box.com/s/tv0yub3dqwieqhhhfrbbcaavfawqu0s1

2 sides on YouTube...

The disc play very well in hands of DJ's as Jerry Blavat, Joe Niagara or Jerry Stevens, the goup have live acts with groups as Vito & The Salutations, The Vespers, The Dreamlovers or Rick & The Masters But the album cover because of their color was too expensive for the teenagers and did not have great sales and lost in oblivion soon.

The Exotics never recorded again and Springboard never recorded another vocal group.

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THE KESTRELS ( 50's UK Doo Wop )

White group from Bristol in England started  about 1956 when three schoolmates Tony Burrows, Roger Greenaway and Roger Maggs singing as a skiffle group know as Johnny Rebs, when they add Jeff Williams singing as a vocal group under the name of The Beltones or the Hi-Fi's.

In 1958 participe in a local talent competition and won to appear on to Carroll Levis's TV show but under the new name of the Kestrels (by the Kestrel pencil, co), this appearance led to their first recording on Donegall records in 1958 with a Ep with the songs_Be My Girl / I Like Your Kind Of Love / We Were Wrong / Down By The Riverside.


Without success they signed with Pye records (a big record company in England) who in November, 1959 released_In The Chapel In The Moonlight / There Comes A Time. the disc play in all England and part of Luxembourg and reach a Top 30 in December 1959 and January' 60 ( this disc was released in 1960 in the U.S. by Laurie records).


Their next single in February of 1960 have the Fireflie's song_I Can't Say Goodbaye. with an update of Magg's tune_We Were Wrong. the B side a nice doo wop ballad have a big acceptacion but the disc failed on the sales and the group was destined to backup works with Pye's artists as Billy Fury or Marty Wilde.


In March of 1961 Decca records released_Sound Off (Duckworth's Chant) / Can't Say That I Do. as the Four Kestrels followed  in September by_All These Things / That's It. as the Kestrels.

In June 1962 moved to Pye's subsidiary label where released_Wolverton Mountain / Little Sacka Sugar. the A side send the group a the radio, TV shows and local clubs.

After this recording Roger Maggs left and was replaced by Peter Gullane, now the group working with singer Lonnie Donegan with who recorded songs as_Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord / Good News, Chariot's A-Comin / Keep On The Sunny Side / Pick A Bale Of Cotton / This Train.


Their own next release was in October 1962 with_Don't Want To Cry / Love Me With All Your Heart (Quando Calienta El Sol). failed but their next side in January 1963_Walk Right In b/w_Moving Up The King's Highway. a folk sound-a-like made a UK Top 10 and the group change their sound of a popish doo wop to a folk sound.

In May 1963 the Kestrels toured with Helen Shapiro and the Beatles and Lennon & McCartney even suggested the group recorded one of their songs_There's A Place. with the B side_Little Star. (not the Elegant's song) but when the Beatles recorded the same song the Kestrel's "version" died soon.

In 1963 Piccadilly released an album "Smash Hits from The Kestrels" with the songs_ Island Of Dreams / Michael, Row The Boat Ashore / Please, Please Me / Rhythm Of The Rain / Sherry / Speedy Gonzales / Walk Like A Man / When I Fall In Love / Will You Love Me Tomorrow.


In September 1963 Piccadilly released one new song of the group_Lazy River. with the know side_Love Me With All Your Heart (Quando Calienta El Sol). followed in December by the Drifter's side_Dance With Me b/w_I Want You. with bad sales the group never recorded again and disbanded in 1965.


Complete Bio at; http://www.allmusic.com/artist/the-kestrels-mn0000096616

Kestrel's Facebook page at; https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kestrels/140215952687221

The group have the unreleased side_Don't Take The Stars.


Roger Greenway and Roger Cook have a nº 1 as song writters with the Fortunes side_You've Got Your Troubles. Tony Burrows was the lead singer of the Ivy League. many countries make discs of the group with different picture sleeves (below one from Spain)...

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J. R. and the ATTRACTIONS (Hunch records)

Top (L to R); Jim Setlock, Bill Simmons, Rick Opdyke. Bottom Center; Johnny Rand

In late 1965 in Pittsburgh, Bill Simmons, Johnny Rand, John Lopacinski, Jack Jones, Jim Baker, Jim Setlock, Dave Tressler and Joe Marcoline  organized the vocal instrumental band, the Elegants (Dave, Joe and Jim prior recorded with the Matadors on Lee Records).

In early 1966 won a battle of the bands at the Jolly Green Giant Lounge in Brentwood, PA. and were contracted by Jim Hudson a booking agent for Pat DiCesare's University Attractions in Pittsburgh but in this time were informed they couldn't use the Elegants name and the group was renamed J.R. & The Attractions.

In the summer of 1966 the group consisted of Jim Baker (lead guitar), Jim Setlock (bass guitar / lead / Bass vocal), Bill Simmons (keyboards / tenor), Rick Opdyke (drums / baritone / tenor), John Lopacinski (rhythm guitar / trumpet / falsetto / tenor) and Johnny Rand (guitar /lead vocal) the guys cut two sides at Glen Campbell's recording studio in Pittsburgh a Dupree's sound-a-like ballad_I'm Your's. an the Dovell's uptempo side_Bristol Stomp.

Coed, Kama Sutra, Jamie, Epic and Laurie records refused the songs and finally Pat DiCesare released the sides on his label Hunch records.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit;http://www.box.net/shared/r5nmnate29

LISTEN 2 sides...

The A side was very popular in the local radio circuit and soon the group toured around the country until 1968 when the group disbanded, Bill and Rick joined Hiram & The Walkers, Jim was out the the music bussines and John recorded in 1969 as a solo artist.

In late 1969 with the revival of the oldies sound, Keno records re-released the recording of The Attractions.

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L to R; John Mader, Larry Borrell, "Corky" Weiss, Bob Morrison and Bill Weaver.

Rock & Roll Band and Vocal Group from Elizabethtown,PA. formed during his sophomore years at high school by John Mader (1st Tenor & Lead Guitar), Bill Weaver (Bass & Bass Guitar), Bruce Carscadon (Drummer), Larry Borrell (Baritone & Keyboards) and Corky Weiss (Lead Vocal).

They singing in school dances, private party and local clubs, in late 1962 signed Harold Kern as their manager who send the guys to Philadlphia's reco-art studio were they recorded_Oh Little Girl / You're The Right One.

The master was presented to Tony Mammorelle of Swan Records who releasd the sides in 1963 on the subsidiary label Lawn under the group name of The Lancers.

LISTEN 2 sides...

The A side was very popular in California, Cincinnati and Germany! and the label re-released the recording as by The Royal lancers

Also the label released_Hey Little One / Hey Everybody (A side original by Dorsey Burnette) with the new name of The Royal Lancers.


In 1964 their manager started his own label Hi-Mar records and the group recorded the James Brown's_Good Good Lovin. with the Troy Shondell's tune_This Time.

The disc was a disaster and group and manager change the sound to a Four Season's sound-a-like and recorded_in 1965 for Hi-Mar_Be My Girl / Hey Lttle Girl.


The recording have  big sales and the group recorded two new sides_Head Of The Crowd / Baby I Love You. in this recording session Bruce was replaced y Bobby Morrison.


For a nule promotion and with the Motown and british invasion the disc dead soon and the group never recorded again and finally disbanded in late 1965.

Additional notes;

In 1963 The Lancers back up ONLY INSTRUMENTAL  to The Missles on their Lawn sides_Little Mary / The Singing Flute.

Also in 1963 The Lancers back up ONLY INSTRUMENTAL to George Wilson & Th Chel-Mars on their Hi-Mar sides_Roamin' / Feel Alright.

And in 1964 The Lancers back up ONLY INSTRUMENTAL  to Jimmy Rock Hi-Mar sides_Mama / Summer Love .

In 2002 were released two unreleased sides_Wedding Bells / This Folly To Be Wise. as a 45 rpm with a picture sleeve.

Listen The Royal Lancers_Wedding Bells.at;http://www.box.net/shared/x89r008c6j

Or go to YouTube...

Thanks to;


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THE APOLLOS (Bobby Records)

The Apollos came from Pleasant Hills, a suburb south of Pittsburgh consisted of four singers; Paul Speck (lead) , Lanny Orner, Eddie Zebert and George McCormick. (the singers didn’t play any instruments) and the instrumentalists; lead guitar Al Naugle, rhythm guitar Dave Ferguson, and drums Dave Bruggeman. This was the makeup of the group 1964 – 1966.

The Apollos, c. 1965, from left: lead singer Paul Speck, Lanny Orner, Eddie Zebert, George McCormick, lead guitar Al Naugle.

They were present in the Jeff Kreiter's Vocal Group Record guide with...

-I Know Your Mind / Room 4 (inst.). Bobby records-1965.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit;

Complete information and pictures at; http://www.garagehangover.com/apollosbobby/


This white group from Indiana, Pennsylvania started in 1962 as a instrumental interracial band know as The Calvacades formed by John Lopacinski (Guitar), Ben Gerideau (Sax / Piano), Ken "Hiram" Holiday (Lead guitar), Jerry Holiday (Bass guitar) and Ted Sadler (Drummer). The band were active for 6-8 months and in this time backed to The Stereos, The Dovells, The Angels or to Del Shannon.


In 1963 The Calvacades were disbanded and Hiram on Lead vocals with his friend George Garrigan on tenor want a singing with a vocal group sound and recruited to Tim Schaffer (Tenor), the trio singing on street corners for many times and in autumn of 1963 recruited to Jimmy Alayon also a tenor ( Garrigan's puerto rican neighbor ), Hiram's brother, Jerry (Tenor) and Dave Jerko (Jerry and Hiram singing and play instruments and Dave play the drums).

They choose the name The Valentines why in this time none vocal group have this name. They appear on school dances and local clubs but want made a record with two songs Hiram's wrote_Beautiful /You're Everything. He ask help to his father, Steve Holiday who have his band, The Jet Tones, Steve present the group to Eddie Liszewski from Creekside, Penn. lead of the polka band Eddie & The Slovenes and owener of Lee Records who sold to the group a Robert Hall track recorder for rehearsal use.


In the winter of 1963 Steve prepare a recording session in the Steve's home with two Robert Hall track recorders and two large mikes also in this session Kenny Machak was added as saxophonist. The Valentines master sides were send to Lee Records who pressed 500 copies but with the A Side as_BeautYful. Paul Barr and Joe Marco were designed for promoting the record, the A Side was very popular locally and the group appear in many local shows, they opened for the Dupree's at Runco's Blue Angel in Indiana and backed instrumental at Harry's Dancenland in Buttler, Penn. for Gone label's Carousels of_If You Want To. Fame.

In the spring of 1964 George and Jim leave and Jim Morgantti (Drums / Vocal) and Joe Pitzerell (Tenor) joined but when in late 1964 Jimmy leave, the group disbanded. Hiram form Lord Hiram & The Walkers aka Hiram & The Walkers who in 1967 cut an instrumental single for his label Sham Records.

Valentine's 2º group; Jimmy Alaon, Jim Morgantti, Jerry Holliday and Joe Pitzerell.

The Valentine's sides were presnt in trhe Jeff Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide but ANYONE HAVE THESE TWO SIDES?.

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From left; Frank Masquara, Lenny Summa, Paul Rey, John Valardi and Yvonne Slater.

The El Reys singing together 9 months, all hail from  Brentwood, L. I. the group consisted of Lenny Suma, age 17 (1st tenor), Yvonne Slater, age 15 (Lead), John Vilardi, Age 17 (2º Tenor), Paul Rey, age 17 and Frank Masquara, age 18.

They only recorded_So Young / Hey Senorita. as The Del Rays in 1963 for an album proyected by the Dj Lou Dean from the Night Train Dance Show at the Bay Shore Roller Rink in Long Island, NY.

To Listen or Download A side, please visit; https://app.box.com/s/ll12btbttkqqoyrfizkumfe30bgvczio

Or go to YouTube...

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THE PERFECTIONS (Lost Nite Records)

The Perfections began in 1962 with Stan Tyszka on lead and Danny Impriano, first tenor, both from South Philly while John Breidenback, 2nd tenor  and Tony Andreacola from across the river in Camden, NJ.

The group started out as two separate groups, the Galaxys and the Tradewinds. Because of a mutual love for cars, the four members met and soon joined forces as the Perfections (They took their name right off a racing form at Atlantic City Racetrack, the horse was Lady Perfection!!).

Through a relative of one of its members, the group was put in touch with Nina Greene, the wife of Jerry Greene, who owned Lost Nite, and later, the Crimson and Collectables Record labels

Top; John Breidenback, Middley (L) Tony Andreacola, Stan Tyszka, Bottom; Dan Impriano.

Jerry Greene, (used to manage Slim Rose's Times Square) auditioned the group at his apartment on Osage Avenue; he immediately liked what he heard and a deal was made to record the group.

Jerry with his then partner Jared Weinstein got into Green's new Chevy and went up to Brooklyn, NY to record a session. The group cut four sides_Hey Girl / My Baby /Girl With The Crimson Hair /There Goes The Boy. In 1962 Lost Nite relase the first two songs as a 45 rpm and the other two songs appeared later on an LP on the Crimson label,

To Listen or Download_Hey Girl, please visit;http://www.box.net/shared/hk9gpscmum

Or go to YouTube...

Al Browne was warned the day before to set up the sesssion but Browne got into drinking earlier that day and they all thought the trip was a waste but Browne held up in a stupor to  get the four songs finished. All the musicians were Browne's group and they were used to his falling asleep at a session and carried on.

The first DJ to play the song was Jerry Blavat. The record sold very well in Philly. It also sold well in Baltimore (it went #1 for two weeks,) and Boston had it in their Top 10. In NYC, Murray The K was spinning it almost every night. Another Philly DJ, "Humble" Harvey Miller of WIBG, played it five times a night.

Clockwise from top; John Breindenback, Stan Tyszka, Danny Impriano and Tony Andrecola.

The Boys promoted the record doing hops and live appearances and Green was supposed to lease the record to Atlantic  and they dropped out after seeing that the group was white, they had no history with a white group other than the Young Rascals. Lost Nite never followed up with another record sticking with the oldies as their future releases other than a Lee Andrews release. The group all took regular jobs and split up.

Thanks to; http://www.geocities.ws/shakin_stacks/perfections10-22.txt