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In early 1957 in South Brooklyn Marty Jolton,John Cipriani and Steve Tudanger formed Marty & The Joltineers soon they met Larry and Sal Ruggiero and The Corsairs were born.When Larry dropped out the group changed their name to The Vocal Lords.

This group was to be managed by John's father,it was John's dad's friend Jimmy Crisali who had written_At Seventeen.the group recorded it but after of this recording Marty leave the group and Neil Dashkoff join the group.this "new" formation recorded the B side_Girl of Mine(Written by Ruggiero).in 1959 these sides were released on the author's own label Able Records,Jimmy Crisali formed this label special for the release of his tune.


The master was sold to Taurus Records and this release the single_At Seventeen/Girl Of Mine.this same year 1959.

To Listen or Download A Side,please visit;http://www.box.net/shared/30ygs58amk

As result of the Taurus release the group made an appearance on Clay Cole TV Show.Once at Taurus the group backing others artists of the label as The Fireflies or The Delchords.in 1960 the group broke up but Steve and John evolve into The Four Evers of Columbia & Smash recordings(see in this blog).

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Billboard Review, January 4, 1960


** Girl of Mine - Taurus 8 - Side has a folkish sound. Lead singer is quite effective.

** At Seventeen - A Rocker; but it's sung with a folk quality. Interesting.