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White group from Newark, N.J. consisted of lead singer Angelo Basilone,John Faliveno,Joseph Castellano,Joseph Stefanelli and Sam Monaco.

In 1964 they were one of the first groups that recorded on the Stan Kruse new label Catamount Records with the single_Vision Of Love. in a Duprees soundalike and_Oh Gee Oh Gosh. a rockin version of The Kodak's tune in these sides the group have a The Duponts as instrumental band.

To Listen or Download please visit;http://www.box.net/shared/t1zapb7fy7

After in 1964-65 the Savoys recorded three more Acappella singles for Catamount Records_If You Were Gone From Me/Oh What A Dream(64)_Crazy/When I Fall In Love(65) and_Gloria/The Closer You Are(65). with the 1965 unreleased sides_Kathy My Love/It's All Over Again.


Also they are present in many Acappella Lp's as_I Dig Acappella or the Relic's serie_Best Of Acappella albums.

Read a brio of the group from;American singing groups: a history from 1940s to today by Jay Warner.

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