Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Rare Doo-Wop Picture

The pre-Randy & The Rainbows group from Queens,N.Y. consisted of Dominick Safuto (Lead),Frankie Safuto(First Tenor),Sal Zero(Second Tenor),Mike Zero(Baritone) and Kenny Arcipowski(Bass).
Before the formation of this group the Zafuto brothers recorded with The Dialtones for Golsdisc Records(see in this blog).
When The Dialtones broke up Dominick ,Sal,Mike and Kenny start another group named The Encores but when they add to Frankie the quintet was renamed as Jr. & The Counts.they perfomed in parties,record shops and church socials and acquired as manager,Fran Carrario who present the group to songwritter Neil Levenson and Levenson introduce them to The Tokens members,at the time The Tokens were working with Laurie Records this label auditioned to the group and decide to place the group on their Subsidiary label but only afther insisting that they adopt another more commercial name thus JR. & The Counts became Randy & The Rainbows(see in this blog).

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