Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In 1960 Al Hazan(born Albert Hazan,Los Angeles 1934) returned from his military obligation on Fort Amador in the canal zone of Panama and contacted with Capitol Records for obtainng a recording contract but in this time the label was interested in the vocal group sound and ask to Al if he have a group. Al had no group ready but with two female friends Pat and Judy form a vocal trio know as The Galaxies.

They auditioned with Capitol and the label signed the group. Al wrote the popish songs_The Big Triangle/Until The Next Time. Released on Capitol this same year of 1960.the A Side was a “tangled” side with the two girls singing counterpoint.


By a name dispute with Guaranted Records(who have a group with the name Galaxie’s) Capitol changed their name to The Royal Galaxies and released in late 1960 the doo wop ballad_Over And Done With. And the rockin side_Trouble On A Double Date.


The group toured around the country,appear on TV and have life perfomances but without any success with their two recordings disbanded soon.Al continue in the music bussines recording as Al Anthony or Dudley Duncan.

Pictures and songs from;http://alhazan.com/galaxies.html http://alhazan.com/gallery/career?page=4

The Galaxies have unreleased sides as_Zoom Golly Golly. Or_Cinderella Blue.


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