Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The Consorts started in the bronx as The Majestics;Sal Donnarumma,Bill Abbate,Eddie Jacobucci and Bruce Laurent.They auditioned for Lou Chiccetti owner of Cousin Records,Lou liked the group changed the group name to The Darts and send this to one recording session where the group recorded four demos_A Mother's In Love/A Fool In Love/Runaround. and_Barbara Ann.(later recorded by The Regents and The Beach Boys).unafortunely these demos never were released until the 90's in an EP on the Clifton label.

In 1961 The Darts back to Lou Chiccetti with two original songs_Please Be Mine / Time After Time.written by group members Sal and Billy.Lou once again he changed their name to the Consorts and recorded the songs but just before releasing the 45 on his Cousins label,Lou placed the disc with Apt Records.


In late 1963 the group present new demos to Lou and once again he changed their name to The Chuckles and released in 1964 two songs_ On The Street Where You Live / I'll Wait.on his newly formed West Side Record label.


After this recording the group soon desintegrated eventually reorganizing with Pete Costanzo and the Lead singer of The Visuals (see in this blog) Dennis Mesciano but this new formation never recorded and finally disbanded.

In 1966 the demos acappella of the Apt releases_Time After Time / Please Be Mine.were released by B-J Records under the group name of The Four Clefs.

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