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Acappella group from the street corners of the italian suburb of Chambersburg “The Buig” in South Trenton, NJ consisted originally of Joe Urbano,Mike Pannone,Bobby Giquinto,Tommy Hedden and Lee Sands who choose their name, Satan & The Angels.

 Satan & The Angels at the Ron Diamond's radio show. From left; Joe,Bob,Tommy,Kenny and Jeff.

In 1967 the group consisted of Tommy Hedeen (Lead), Kenny Williams (1st Tenor), Bob Giquinto (2nd Tenor), Joe Urbano (Baritone) and Jeff Mathieu (Bass) auditioned for Michael Adler’s Pantomine label who signed the group to record a complete album.

Eighteen sides were recorded at Tony Schmidt’s Impact Sound studio in Northeast Philadelphia and fourteen were enclosed on the album, Deejay Ron Diamond receive an advance copy and play this in his WTTM radio show, Ron invite to the group to singing in his dance shows also they have live perfomances at the Trenton War Memorial, The Concord Ballroom in Levittown, PA and  in the Jerry Blavat dance shows but when Jeff returning to college and Bobby getting married the group broke up.

SATAN & THE ANGELS "Blue Eyed Soul-Acappella" Pantomine Lp-1968....

Front cover picked from Old Record Gallery in Trenton, NJ.
From Left; Ken, Tommy and Jeff.
From Left bottom; Bob and Joe.

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-Never Let You Go/A Quiet Place/Babalu's Wedding Day/There Goes My Love/Time Makes You Chance/Zoom Zoom Zoom/Let The Bells Ring/Rama Lama Ding Dong/Trenton's Medallion/Remember Then/When We Get Married/The Storm Is Over/Gee/Will You Hold My Hand.

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