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From The Complete Book Of Doo Wop...

The Rip Chords were formed in Hollywood,California by Phil Stewart(right) and Ernie Bringas(left), originally know as The Opposites (see in this blog).

Later Rich Rotkin and Arnie Marcus join the duo and this recorded as a quartet.

Ernie was preparing to go to Seminary School, and took a leave of absence from the The Rip Chords. Although Phil, Ernie, Richie and Arnie were photographed together,and spent some time together in the studio(see picture above L-R;Phil,Rich,Arnie and Ernie)..

All personal appearances were done by Phil, Rich and Arnie, who performed their hits thousands of times in front of millions of fans across the country on Dick Clark's Caravan Of Stars Tours in 1963 and 1964,as well as countless concerts nationwide.

They were present in the mentioned book with...

-Ding Dong/Karen. Columbia Records-1962.
-Karen/Here I Stand. Columbia Records-1963.(B Side Charted #51).
-She Thinks O Still Care/Gone. Columbia Records-1963.(B Side charted #88).
-Hey Little Cobra/The Queen. Columbia Records-1963.
-Three Window Coupe/Hot Rod USA. Columbia Records-1964.(A Side charted #289.
-One Piece Topless Bathing Suit/Wah Wahini. Columbia Records-1964.(A Side charted #96).
-Don't Be Scare/Bunny Hill. Columbia Records-1965.

Ernie did return to the band to record,but did not take to the road, as a condition of his seminary studies. The original band disbanded in 1965.

They have a Hit in 1963 with their side_Hey Little Cobra. who charted # 4 in late 1963.


Please read The Rip Chords Real Story at; /

LISTEN...their oriented doo wop side_Gone. originally by The Rituals(see in this blog).

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