Thursday, March 31, 2011


Interracial group from Philadelphia formed by Brent Edwards(Lead),John Gonzalez(Bass-Baritone),Jerry Gross(2nd Tenor),Harold Avery(1st Tenor) and John D'Amico(Baritone).later Jerry was a member of The Dovells(see in this blog)

In 1959 they recorded one single for Matt Records...

-Last Night/Pete The Mongoose.

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Rocket said...

Thanks for your efforts. This is very interesting stuff.

Dale said...

This is going to be the real truth about Dale & The Cashmeres, so you can stop listening to all of the lies you’ve been listening to from 1958 - 1960 - 2011. I have been reading a lot of untrue stories about the Cashmeres; a lot of hostilities between some of the guys who are still living. Seems like they don’t remember much from when I founded the group. John D’Amico is a habitual liar to start off, Jerry Gross comes in second, with all this bull about the Beeber Boyz. This is some guys Jerry got together after the Cashmeres, so I see John and Jerry are putting all of the input in to the loop. First of all, I don’t know that John had so much exposure with Jerry. For his part, John says Jerry taught him everything. The real thing is they did not like each other very much. John is far-fetched with telling the truth.

This is response to an article that appeared in Echoes of the Past, Issue no. 95. About Dale & the Cashmeres

Founder & Leader Harold Avery

Namiye Vonoro said...

Excuse me Dale, are you actually Harold Avery and if so, which one are you in the picture? The description of the photo doesn't really make it clear who is who. Thank you.