Friday, August 13, 2010

THE COMPLIMENTS (From Doo Wop To Soul)

In 1963 the Compliments Johnny Lagana,Dennis Ferringo and Leopoldo Gonzalez recorded_Angels Of Mercy/Nobody Knows. for the New York City label Shell Records with Michael Zara on Lead.



In 1964 Vic Donna replaced Michael Zara ( in this time he was hospitalized) and with the british invasion the group changed their sound add new members Jon prano(Drums),Bernie Lee Goode(Piano) and Jack Dina(Guitar) and recorded in 1965 for Congress Records two Northern Soul singles.

-Shake It Up Shake It Down (Vic on Lead)/You Are My Sunshine (Bernie on Lead).
-Everybody Loves A Lover (Bernie on Lead)/The Time Of Her Life (Vic On Lead).

-The Time Of Her Life.was very popular in the Soul Group Harmony circuit.


Additional Notes;

Their second single is listed in the Jeff Kreiter Vocal Group Record Guide.
Vic Donna recorded in 1957 with The Parakeets for Atlas Records(See in this blog).
For more Vic Donna information visit;

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'Time Of Her Life' stands up as one of my all time Northern Soul 45' it!