Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Acappella group from New Hyde Park in Long Island NY formed by Vic Todd(Lead/real name;Tom Giacalone),Howie Maker(Baritone),Jim Ponticelli(2nd Tenor) and Jimmy Hanley(1st tenor) this not in the picture.(other members of the group were Tommy Giacalone and Mike Liller)

They recorded five acappella sides for Relic Records,Best Of Acappella Lp series...

-My True Story/Hey Hey Baby. Best Of Acappella Vol.3-1965.
-Walking In The Rain. Best Of  Acappella Vol 4-1966.
-You Never Loved Me. Best Of Acappella Vol 5-1966.
-When We Get Married. Best Of Acappella Vol 6-1966.

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In 1967 Howie Maher,Tom Giacalone,Mike Miller and Jimmy Hanley(see below picture) recorded for GMC Records the sides_Baby Pack On/Where The Lights Are Bright.


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MichaelAllen said...

I sang first tenor for This Group after Jimmy Ponticelli left the group
We then recorded for GMC records, Gino Moretti, President and had a tune called Baby Pack On Which was a Northern Soul Hit. I then sang with The Mystics in Florida and wrote Hushabye Again the sequel if you will to Hushabye which is on Collectables........Mike Miller