Sunday, September 27, 2009


Is know that originally Five Disc's were an integrated group formed by two blacks and three white members from the Bedford-Stuyvesant district of Brooklyn. Mario DeAndrade (Lead), Andy Jackson (Bass), Paul Albano (First tenor), Tony Basile (2nd Tenor) and Joe Barsalona (Baritone)

They were know for their side_I Remember.

Recorded in 1958 for Emge Records.

... but in 1960 the two black members Mario DeAndrade and Andy Jackson leave the group and were replaced by Lenny Hutter and John Russell The Five Discs were now a White Group and recorded several sides for labels as Yale,Calo or Cheer Records.

Paul,Tony and Joe with new white members recorded on Kapp Records as The Boyfriends(see in this blog).

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Unknown said...

I am the grandson of Joseph Barsalona and my grandpa would roll in his grave knowing that the five discs are Refered to on this site as white doo wop. Their best music came from the time when they had the two talented black fellows. Not the current day five discs. Our family takes pride in our history and love of all people. Hence the five discs being the first multi racial group coming from NY. Would be considerate if you removed the bands name from your site. The music rights still belong to the family and wouldn't like to be associated with this site. Also, there is a rich African history in the Sicilian bloodline that flows through my veins. To call this band white is farthest from the truth. My grandpa was Puerto Rican and Sicilian. It's offensive to downplay those band members who left the band as they contributed to the soul of the group.

Roland said...

Since when has referring to something as being "white" become "offensive" ? Maybe calling something "black" is just as offensive then, no ? The Five Discs were just as good when they were predominately white as when they were when they had two black members. The "sound" and harmonies were just as good either way. I know Italians who would not agree on there existing some rich "African history" in their heritage, by the way (I wonder how many Africans, in Africa, would appreciate being branded as being Irish ?) . Further more, The Five Discs weren't the first multi-raced vocal group in the New York area, others such as, Norman Fox & The Rob-Roys, The Crests, The Fascinators, & The Impalas and probably a few others, were also around during the mid 1950's. Being related to someone means nothing, the credit belongs with the guys who there back then, making it happen and whether the group had two black members and three white or just the five white members, matters very little. They were good and if the blogger posts that they were a "white group", well, he's not wrong, after 1960, they were basically a white group and they had just as much "soul" as they did before they were all white and yes, many Sicilians do consider themselves white. As for me, I just like the group..... either way.