Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CAROLONS_Let's It Please Be You

The Carolons were from The Tilden High School in Brooklyn formed originally by Jay Wax,Artie Indursky,Gary Banks and a guy everyone remembered only as Ray but in the next months the group have many personal changes.

They took their name from Lonnie & The Carollons group(see in this blog).In late 1963 they recorded the acappella demos _Let's It Please Be You(Originally by The Desires) and the Tyme's tune_Let's Make Love Tonight. in this recording session the group consisted of Jay Wax(Baritone),Joe Cooper(2nd Tenor),Ruben Crespo(Lead),Paul Rothemberg(1st Tenor) and Nat Schliefer(Bass).

Above;the only know picture of members of this group.

Billy Shibilsky owner of Mellomood Records liked the demos signed the group and re-recorded the songs with a band.the label released the single on April 1964 and the A Side was a local hit.

To Listen or Download please visit;http://www.box.net/shared/98trs6y99x

For the next recording Jay Wax write an original song in the Four Season's style_I'm Through With You. but the group by the end of 1964 was broke and finally this song was recorded by The Tokens.


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