Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This white group from Maspeth,Queens,NY. started as The Dialtones and Jr. & The Counts(see in this blog). Domnick Safuto(Lead),Frankie Safuto(1st Tenor),Sal Zero(2nd Tenor),Mike Zero(Baritone) and Kenny Arcipowski(bass) were know as Jr. & The Counts when their manager Frank Carrarie present the group to songwritter Neil Levenson this liked the group and introduce them to the Tokens who signed then to their B.T.Puppy label. The Tokens send the group to Laurie Records this label changed their name to Randy & The Rainbows and offer two songs to the group_Denise. and_Come Back. both written by Neil Levenson these sides were released in 1963 on the Laurie subsidiary label Rust Records. _Denise was a big hit charted in August #10 nationally and #2 locally later in September charted #14 on the R&B chart,this hit moved the group a have great TV appearances and a tour across the country. LISTEN... Their second release on Rust Records_She's My Angel/Why Do Kids Grow Up. was released in December,1963 and the B side made #97. LISTEN... Three singles followed on Laurie Records without success and the group moved to Mike Records owened by Eddie Matthews where in 1966 recorded others three singles and as none of them made the charts the group returned with B. T. Puppy Records where recorded one single in late 1966 and finally the group broke up. They back in the 70's as The Triangle and Madison Street and finally in 1982 recorded again as Randy & The Rainbows for Ambient Sound Records. LISTEN...

For the complete bio and discography of this group visit;http://www.randyandtherainbows.com/index.html

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