Saturday, February 14, 2009


The Sonny Bloch's Coralairs from Miami/South Florida.(named after Coral Gables, Florida, where the University of Miami is located.)
Sonny Bloch(Center),Tony Rinaldi,Dave Delsesto,Sal Ronci and Arnie Warren.They even toured Cuba before Castro took over, and appeared on Cuban T.V. They also were the first to record the Christmas song Boun Natale which was later recorded by Nat King Cole.

They recorded...
As Sonny Bloch's Coralairs.
-One Two Three/Buona Natale.NRC Records-1958.
-Baby Blue Eyes/A Lover Is A Fool.Bee Records-1959.


As Sonny Bloch & The Coralairs.
-Ask Me No Questions/Hand Of Faith.Regal Records-1959.
As The Colarais.
-High On A Mountain Top / Gimme A Little Kiss.NRC Records-1959.
-Buon Natale / Little Louie The Elf.NRC Records-1959.



Donna Del Sesto said...

I'm married to David Del of the guys in this band

Boerboel Dad said...

That is my Father Sonny Bloch. There are more records recorded overseas. I think they made it to American Band Stand TV show here in the states. Thanks for the picture and the music online. Baby Blue Eyes is a hot tune, high energy. You should put that one on to, PLEASE!

Unknown said...

Sal Ronci, of The Coralaires, is still an active musician in Central Florida (trumpet & vocals).

Lakshmi DelSesto said...

My father is Dave DelSesto and I'm just seeing this but the links don't work! Any other way to hear the recordings?