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THE TRIDELS_Land Of Love/Image Of My Love


-Land of Love/Image Of My Love.San Dee Records-1964.

The group from left to right , Mike Bove, Larry Chassen, and Marc Snader were all from Philadelphia, Pa. The group was formed in 1962 when the trio were 19 years of age and was managed by Gene Arnold. Their first recordings were recorded in the 212 N 12th studios written and produced by later radio and TV star Gene Arnold under the name of Rick Roman, "Land of Love" and "The Image of My Love" were recorded in 1964 by San-Dee Worldwide Limited Records in Philadelphia and released in August.( Rick wife Terry Hunter is the female French voice on these songs).

"Land of Love" became a Philly favorite and soon was being played throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. When the record began to get airplay in the Midwest, the group joined the "Caravan of Stars" tour in the summer of 1964 and toured five states promoting the release.

Above The Tridel's sign at carnival record hop phoenixville august 1964.

The Beatles explosion in 1964 dampened prospects for most American releases that year, but the Tridels continued perform until 1966, when Larry was drafted. Helene joined the Tridels in 1966 and they continued to perform in clubs and events throughout the tri-state area until 1968.

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Above The Tridel's with new girl member Helene.


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