Friday, October 14, 2011

THE MARTELS (Nasco Records)

White group from Nashville,TN managed by Charles Tinnon. consisted of Doug McDonald, Lucien Anderson, Luther Weathers and Bob Bowersock.

In November 2,1958 made their debut on the "Ted Mack and The Original Amateur Hour" show singing_Old Man River.

See their live perfomance...

In 1959 recorded for Nasco Records the sides...

-Where Did My Woman Go/Teacher Don't Keep Me In.

"Teacher Don't Keep Me In" with flip side "Where Did My Woman Go?" debuted in the April 13, 1959 issue of Billboard Magazine. Released as a 45 on NASCO Records, The Martels were listed on the Pop Charts. Billboard's review of the single was a "Rhythmic plea by a cat who doesn't want to be kept after school so that he can walk his chick home. The group presents the cute tune with appeal."


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