Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Rare Doo-Wop Picture

THE STYLES (1963).

Does anyone know who’s in the group? What area of the city they’re from? Did they ever record? What did they sound like?.

Let me know to doowopbrothers@mixmail.com or put a comment.


Unknown said...

By the way, Patty V is Padgett A Vero, is releated to the infamous Gio Willimas (Giochino Vero, Jackie V and Jack Vero), a woman who was not in the group at any time but has become the mouth piece of attack for the Vero family who is going after everyone and anyone who have dared ever using the name "The Styles" Hey Patricia, good luck going after the now on Columbia Records group called the Styles whose last name is actually Styles.

Unknown said...

I think I saw a video that claims they are The Styles from the Bronx, Ny, and maybe recorded "Gotta Go, Go, Go" for Serene Records.
Here's the Youtube video link with that same photo
Don't rely on Gio Williams for any comments, he is going after anyone using the nsame the Styles. Some srious mental issues there.