Saturday, December 27, 2008

THE CAPRI SISTERS_I'm Gonna Wish For You

White female group from Yonkers,NY.the members were Phylis De Caprio,Annette De Caprio and Terrie De Caprio they recorded several records in diverse labels...

-After School Rock/The Occarina Roll.Jubilee Records-1956.
-Call Me Mutton Chops/Tippy-Toe.Cadence Records-1957.
-Hawiian Sway/Run-A-Round.Dot Records-1958.
-In Between/It's All Over.Hanover Records-1959
-I 'm Gonna Wish For You/There, But For Her, Go I.ABC Records-1960.
-It's No Sin/So Hurt.ABC.unreleased-1960.
-Poco Loco/The Blues Came Tumbling Down.Warwick Records-1961.
-Fairy Tales/I Want You To Be My Boy.Newtown Records-1962.
-Is It True/Hush-A-Bye.Newtown Records-1962.

Listen The Capri Sisters_I'm Gonna Wish For You from Paramount Records in 1960.

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