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Group from the 11th and Shunk area in South Philadelphia consisted of of Vinnie Palace(Lead),Anthony Armentani(1st Tenor and Lead),Nick Pucillo(2nd Tenor),Jimmy Romano(Baritone) and John Lombardo (bass).Picture above;Vince, Nicky, Anthony (guitar), Jimmy & Johnny.

The group was managed by Jeanette Carey and Jimmy Testa of The Fabulous Four(see in this blog) who in 1962 send the group to the sound plus studio on Harbison avenue in Northeast Philadelphia where the group recorded_My Desire. Written by studio owner Tony Luisa, and the standart_Foolish Things.Unafortunely none company was interested in these two sides.

To Listen or Download_My Desire. please visit:http://www.box.net/shared/26p2k4i7qg

Or go to youtube...

Picture below;Vince, Johnny, Jimmy Anthony (back to camera) & Nicky (hidden).

In late 1962 the guys back to studio and recorded_Alone/I’m Gone. Jeanette and Jimmy present the new sides to Haral Records and the label released the tunes in 1963. -Alone. Have a big local acceptacion and was on the top of the Joe Niagara’s WIBG-AM in this time the group have great live perfomances.

To Listen or Download_Alone. please visit;http://www.box.net/shared/o7dtkd3a7m

Or go to Youtube...

Below on left picture,Jimmy Romano,Anthony Armentani,Nicky Pucillo,Johnny Lombardo and Vince Palace(in front).photo taken in Jeannette Carey's yard.

Their next recordings was as back up singer to Jimmy Testa(see below picture) in his 1961 Haral Recording’s_Goddess Of Love/Beetle walk. Under the group name of Jimmy Eden & The Revelers.


In October 1964 two new sides were released_World’s Fairest Chic/Other Worlds. On the Jeanette Carey label C & J Records.

Left picture;Anthony Armentani,Jim Romano,Vince Palace,Johnny Lombardo and Nicky Pucillo.

But without any success and with the british invasion on the top charts the group disbanded soon.

Complete information at;http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Grand-Prees/291316454236278

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