Sunday, September 20, 2009

LARRY LEE & THE EMBERS_That Little Girl Was Mine

Unrecorded group from the Frog Hollow section of Hartford,Connecticut managed by John Rys and Paul Guimond and consisted of Larry"Lee"Harper(Lead),Richard Wright(2nd Tenor),Bob Fitzgibbon(1st Tenor) and Andrew"Diamond"Guimond(Bass).

They recorded some demos for Candy(Wella Wella/Queen For A Lifetime...) and 20 th Century Fox(Lover's Nights...) but they were never issued.

Also have others unreleased songs as_That Little Girl Was Mine/Tremble (acappella)/Winter's Romance.(these sides were released in the 70's in a Relic album).

To Listen or Download_That Little Girl Was Mine. please visit;

The Embers backing in 1959 to Gene Pitney (above picture) on four demos songs_Darkness/Victory/So Tired. and Runaway Lover.when by internal dissensions the group Broke Up.

Later Larry Lee with members of The 5 Bell Aires recorded for M.Z. Records as Larry Lee & The Four Bel Aires.(see in this blog).

Listen Gene Pitney & The Embers_So Tired...

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