Thursday, February 4, 2010

THE KEYES ( Jam Records)

Another band present in all the doo wop guides(as The Keys). this from Louisville, Kentucky and formed in 1964-65 by left to right: Tom Owen, Jim Owen, Bill Blincoe, Chick Becker, and Wayne McDonald.

In February 1964, brothers Tom and Jim Owen along with Stuart Carman and Bill Blincoe left Doctor Strange and The Lovers. Wayne McDonald, formerly of the Sultans, was added and The Keyes were formed.the band began workin with local DJ Tim Tyler and were signed to the Sambo Agency.

In August of 1965 they recorded...

-When You Wish Upon A Star/Barbara. Jam Record.


Through the years The Keyes were together,recorded many songs(not present in the doo wop guides), they appeared with national acts such as The Beach Boys, Bo Diddley, The Four Seasons, and Little Anthony. The Keyes were the favorite backup band for Billy Joe Royal whenever he appeared locally.

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