Tuesday, September 21, 2010


 This Cameron's group is an interracial BLIND group from the Bronx first know as The Jiveliers and consisted of Robert Browne,Pat Gaines and William Raabe Jr.(the other members were unknow).

They were discovered by the owner of Cousin's Records Lou Cicchetti who renamed the group and send the guys to the Duane Studio in New York where the group recorded on June 5,1960 two sides_Cheryl/Boom Chick-A-Boom. finally released as a Cousin's single in late 1960.


This single was the only Cousins master which Cicchetti never offered to another label.

On June 6,1960 the group with Diane Umhaver as High Tenor recorded two new sides_Baby Don't You Know/She's Got It. but these sides never were released by any label.

To Listen or Download please visit;http://www.box.net/shared/6tzuhtxb0x

A Side...

Additional Note;
This group back up to Sonny Dean(aka Sal Pippa) in their unreleased record_Lonely Teenager.later a major hit for Dion with  the B Side_Cheryl(alt take).

In 1961 Cousin's recorded another Cameron's group_Guardian Angel/A Girl I Marry. (see in this blog) this was a white group first know as The Idols and after as The Demilles on Laurie Records.

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Actuallynino said...

One other member was Charles Atkins. He sang bass harmony, today he is the director of Blues at Florida State University