Friday, January 22, 2010


Group formed in 1957 in New York whose members went to school with Frankie Lymon,first called themselves The Lionels and then The Universals before changing their name to Dino & The Diplomats; Rafael"Dino"Cedano(Lead),Charles Humber(Bass),Woody Carter(Baritone),Jackie Jones(2nd Tenor) and Richard Morgan(1st Tenor).

In 1961 recorded one single for Laurie Records...

-My Dream/I Can't Believe.

-I Can't Believe.was part written by Ricardo Weeks who with Melvin Anderson penned_I Wonder Why. for Dion & The Belmonts(see in this blog) and as you can listen The Diplomat's song borrowed the Dion & The Belmont's tune.

To Listen or Download please visit;

Another song recorded by Dino & The Diplomats on Laurie was_Hushabye My Love.( originally recorded in 1960 as a demo by The Newports) but Laurie never released this song.(appear for first time in 1991 from a ACE CD).

After their Laurie recording Carter left the group and this moved to Vida Records and recorded two singles_Homerwok/Hush-A-Bye My 1961 and_Soft Wind/Such A Fool For You. in 1962

_Hush-A-Bye My Love. on Vida Records is a different version of the Laurie demo.


LISTEN... the Laurie Demo...

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Unknown said...

I used to see Dino and another member of the Diplomats on 145th Street & B'way during the early 1960's so that although I knew little about the group, I knew they were from Harlem!