Thursday, May 13, 2010


Left; Steve. Middle First; Jack.  Middle Back; George.  Right; Dennis.

Acappella group from New York formed by two members of The Citadels(see in this blog) Dennis Ostrom(Lead) and Steve Paglierani(Lead & Tenor) and with George Domenici (Bass) and Jack JaHoda(1st Tenor).

In 1966-67 recorded four sides for the Relic Records Best Of Acappella Lp's_I Hear Bells/A Friend/Secret Love and Talking To My Heart.

To Listen or Download_I Hear Bells. please visit;

This group is also know as The Vibraniques on Wayne Stierle's Juke Box Label.

For more information visit; 

Or Vibraharp's Youtube channel at;

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