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Early white group from Center,TX know as The Mints and The Four Mints consisted of James Wilson(Lead),Gene Warr(1st tenor),Aubie McSwain(2nd Tenor) and Al Warr(bass).

The group started in 1954 influencied by black groups as The Treniers,first record in 1956 for the Gainesville’s TX based label Lin Records.

They recorded as The Mints...

-Busy Body Rock/Don't Leave Me Alone. Lin Records-1956.
-Night Air/Pledge Of Love (Ken Copeland). Lin /Imperial Records-1956.
-Magic Of Love/Swimming Around The World. Airport Records-1958

As The Four Mints...

-What'cha Gonna Do/Night Air. Choctaw/Imperial Records-1956. -Gold/Ruby Baby. Decca Records-1957.
-Hey Little Neil/Teenage Wonderland. NRC Records-1958.
-You Belong To My Heart/Wolf. NRC Records-1958.
-Tomorrow Night/PiƱa Colada. NRC Records-1959.

 And as...

The Fabulous Four Mints AZTEC LP

Journey's End/Love Is The Reason/You'll Never Walk Alone/Lonesome Road/Roll 'Em Pete/Born To Swing/Only You/Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall/Falling In Love/Scarlet Ribbons/Ruby Baby.

 The group were popular for years have big live perfomances around the country,in 1960 McSwain left the group and this finally disbanded in 1962.

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You have one of their names wrong. Roz Stevens in in the cover picture. He could sing like a bird.