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Group from Wantagh,NY. the lead singer is Tony Presto,the 1st Tenor was Dominick Montiglio,the Baritone was Joe Riccobene and the 2nd Tenor was Chuck Rothberg.

Tony Presto was the lead of The Themes who recorded_Marnie (I Love You) / There's No Moon Out Tonight. for the Stork label in 1964.

They recorded for Coral Records in 1965 the single...

-Tonight We Love/(Doin' The) Arthur.

The songs were recorded in 1964 at Decca with a 23 piece orchestra, and with 3 female back up singers one of whom was Dione Warwick's  sister, Dee Dee Warwick (see below picture). Henry Jerome was the A&R guy & Horace Ott was the conductor/arranger.

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Leona M. T. said...

My Dad is the man that discovered them in Wantagh Long Island New York. I remember them playing in my basement. Too bad they went in
Four "different" Directions.

Unknown said...

Did your father own a liquor store in the cherrywood center in wantagh long island?

Leona M. T. said...

Yes!wow im his youngest daughter.
Contact me.
FB Leona Maria

Roadhouse Vic said...

My father knew Chuck's mother-in-law, and learned that the group was in the process of releasing a record. My father was divorced as was Fay Harrison Chuck's mother in law. I don't know if they dated or had merely met at the local over 40's singles place in Valley Stream called the Lamplighter. Fay lived on Haven Avenue and we lived around the block on Putnam Avenue. I think Fay either managed it or ran events there. One such event was a dance for teenagers on Sunday afternoons. My dad told Fay about MY band, (we were about 4 years or even more younger than Chuck Rothenberg), and she had given us some gigs at the Lamplighter. The Four Directions were starting to tour, and they needed a bass player. My father suggested me to Fay, and they tried me out. they were to play some initial gigs in NYC to promote the record "the Arthur/Tonight we love." Tonight we love was a fantastic record with a full orchestra. In any event we formed a back up band and learned the tune well enough for the singers to perform it live. One problem, I was too underage to play clubs in New York City. No problem, as there somehow materialized a counterfeit but convincing draft card, drivers license, cabaret card and union card. Viola, I was "in." The first gig I recall was at Sybil Burtons club called "Arthur" a hot disco in New York City and their song "(Hey let's do) The Arthur" had been written to capitalize on that. What an incredible night. Sadly I could not stay with the group as their tour would be taking them out of state and I was still in high school, maybe a sophomore or junior, and could not go on tour. I remember Tony. We rehearsed at his in Wantagh. Chuck, though much older than me treated me well. I know his wife for many years having grown up around the block from her. But, again to them I was a "kid." Fay Harrison was also a very lovely woman. I never knew what happened to them until recently, when I saw Dominick's bio on Wikipedia. Oh my!Kind of tragic.
I remember them all as the four very talented older brothers that I never had. What a great time that was. Wow, it was LONG ago!

Unknown said...

Hi Vic. Sorry to say I do not remember you. I sang the baritone part in the group. My name was joe riccobene i changed it to joe ricco about 30 years ago. If you are still in touch with chuck please tell him i say hello.
Best regards Joe.

Roadhouse Vic said...

Do you remember playing at the DISCO "ARTHUR" when your two sided record "The Arthur / Tonight We Love" came out? As a matter of fact, I just located Chuck tonight on facebook and we connected. Are You still on Long Island? Are you on facebook. I am 70 now and still playing the music of our youth in a band called the "60s Invasion." Glad to hear your around. I read about Domenick, wow, what a life story! Is Tony still around if you know? What a voice....actually you were all great and I recall all had perfect pitch. Be well Joe, I will tell Chuck I heard from you. If you are on facebook, you can find him.