Thursday, July 16, 2009

THE HEARTBREAKERS (Linda & Donna Records)

Another Duo with group name present in the doo-wop guides is...


In 1959 the brothers Benny and Joe Rodriguez from El Paso,Texas moved to Los Angeles Rooselvelt High School where were discovered by The Romancer’s manager Billy Cardenas who send the boys to Bob Keane of Del-Fi/Donna Records where they recorded the dance tune _Cradle Rock. With the B side _Everytime I See You(co written by Frank Zappa and Ray Collins).


In 1963 the brothers recorded on Brent a remake of the Don & Dewey song _Leavin It All Up To You. Followed in 1964 by a single on the Linda label _Please Answer/She Is My Baby.

In all these tunes they were backed by the instrumental-vocal band The Mixtures.

LISTEN_Please Answer...

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