Monday, April 13, 2009

THE VELVET KEYS (King Records)

L to R;Phil Spina,Stan Wagner,Vinny Pascale and Tommy Mallon.

Early white group formed in 1956 in Springfield Gardens,Queens NY. By Tommy Malon(Lead),Phil Spina(1st Tenor),Stanley Wagner(2nd Tenor) and Vinny Pascale(Baritone),all schoolmates from the Woodrow Wilson Vocational High School in Ozone Park, Queens NY.

In 1957 signed with the Cincinnati,Ohio King Records owned by Sid Natham where recorded _Let’s Stay After School/My Baby’s Gone.


And in 1958 another single_The Truth About Youth/Don’t Take My Picture,Take Me.

NOTE; In the Kreiter guide Bubber Johnson also on King Records is listed with the same songs from the Velvet Key’s first single.a mistake of this guide?.


Without success the label cancelled another two singles of the group for 1958 and the Velvet Key’s broke up without made another recording.

Phil Spina continue as songwritter and producer,he write and producer the Riff’s songs_Storm/Where There Is A Will/Little Girl.

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